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Thursday, June 01, 2023 — Houston, TX

Winter TV premieres to mixed reviews

By Molly Chiu     1/13/14 6:00pm

I decided to give Enlisted a chance mostly because it stars Chris Lowell, aka Piz from the cult favorite Veronica Mars, and after watching, I'm definitely willing to tune in for at least a few more episodes.

This new comedy centers around three brothers, all soldiers in the U.S. Army stationed at a rear detachment base in Florida. As the serious "supersoldier," Pete (Geoff Stultz, The Finder) comes on a little strong. His superiority complex feels overdone after he gets sent home from Afghanistan for punching a superior. But when he stops taking himself so seriously and bonds with his brothers, he becomes a character I can actually root for. Derrick (Lowell), the surly and lazy but secretly soft brother, offers up some of the best deadpan one-liners and quickly became my favorite character. Randy (Parker Young, Suburgatory), the clumsy and confused brother, has some cheesy slapstick, but his earnest enthusiasm makes him endearing.

The supporting cast of characters, a misfit bunch of out-of-shape soldiers, shows big comedic promise - see their attempt to find a great soldier inside themselves. If the writers continue to capitalize on the quirky dynamics of their ensemble, the show will win over audiences.

In the end, I will continue watching for the heartfelt relationship between the brothers. The playful chemistry between Stultz, Lowell and Young makes Enlisted worth the watch.

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