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NOD: Harry Potter theme aims to please those who must not be dressed

By Joey Capparella     10/27/11 7:00pm

Approximately 1,800 scantily-clad witches and wizards are expected to show up for Harry NODder, to be hosted by Wiess College this Saturday. Organized by Wiess Social Vice Presidents Emily Nichol and Gabi Chennisi, this year's NOD promises a host of new offerings for partygoers to enjoy.

Nichol and Chennisi, both Wiess College juniors, said that they are excited about the Hogwarts-themed decorations.

"The commons is going to resemble the Great Hall at Hogwarts, and each floor of Wiess is going to be themed for the four Hogwarts houses," Chennisi said. "We even found a way to change the lights on each floor to match the house colors."

Nichol also said that there would be a fenced-in outdoor area in the Wiess Acabowl with snacks and drinks.

There will also be a Quidditch pitch in the middle of the Acabowl, with life-sized goals made out of hula-hoops and PVC piping, Nichol said.

In addition to the decorations, Nichol and Chennisi said that security was a priority.

"We have more than 160 students signed up for security this year, which is up from 130 last year," Chennisi said. "The student security is our first form of security, with RUPD officers serving as a backup in case of emergency."

Nichol said that there would be 12 RUPD officers at the party this year.

The student security will be positioned in the commons at the public party, as well as around the exits and entrances and on the floors of Wiess.

Tickets cost $10 for any Rice student, and each student is allowed one non- Rice guest if the tickets are purchased in advance. Chennisi and Nichol said that they had recruited people to sell tickets at each college at lunch this week.

For students who do not wish to attend NOD, the third annual NODgeball will provide an alternative with games, food and other activities at the Recreation Center on Saturday night from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Brown College junior Ryan Koehn organized the event with sponsorship from Rice Undergraduate Fellowship, Agape Christian Ministries, Rice Hillel and the Brown College Intercollegiate Committee; this allows the event to be free for all students.

"NOD is obviously a very popular event on campus, but it's also a very polarizing event," Koehn said. "There's a significant part of the student population that might not feel comfortable going to the party, so our mission is to provide a safe and fun alternative for this group of people."

Koehn said that he expects around 500 students to come to the event over the course of the night, compared to 400 attendees last year. He mentioned that there would be dodgeball, basketball and indoor soccer, as well as board games, a movie in one of the Rec Center classrooms and plenty of food and drink.

Baker College junior Claire Garney said she plans to attend NOD.

"I like the theme because I've always been a big Harry Potter fan," Garney said. "There are so many characters and magical creatures that people can dress up as."

Nichol said that one of her concerns was the weather on Saturday.

"It's supposed to get cold this weekend," Nichol said. "But maybe that will get rid of the mosquitoes so that people don't look like they've been playing with a blast-ended skrewt."

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