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News In Rhyme

By Anthony Laurellio     9/28/11 7:00pm


Fight for the wild card

Baseball fans hold the month of October very dear

But playoff craziness began early this year

Four teams wanted a chance for a World Series win

But two would have to wait for next season to begin

In the American League, the Rays looked like they were going to lose

But then the New York Yankees decided to snooze

The Red Sox looked like they had in the bag

But then they fall apart and have nothing about to brag

In the National League the Cardinals won their game

And for a while the Braves were about the same

But in the 13th the team fell apart against Philly

And sadly all their hopes were made to look silly

Even more so then usual the playoffs start this weekend

Will be even more fun to watch and attend


This Wednesday saw four very exciting games as the same name number of teams fought over the two wildcard sports for the playoffs. In the American League, it seemed as if the Red Sox would win their game and the Rays lose theirs, but two dramatic midgame reversals meant that Boston would be the ones staying home. In the National League, the Cardinals cruised to victory and the playoffs with a win over our very own Astros and the Braves lost in a dramatic 13th-inning game with the Phillies.

Senate averts government showdown again

In a story that seems to occur all the time

The House and Senate fought over every nickel and dime

The government almost shut down once again

And America wonders if Washington has reasonable men or women

The fight this round was about FEMA's funding

But the agency had enough money for the week that ended the fighting

This fight sadly won't be the last

As the next time the budget comes up the die will be cast


Congress once again avoided disaster, this time with a deus ex machina of FEMA announcing that it had enough cash to survive for the week. The Republican-controlled House wished to provide emergency funding by cutting from other spending in the government, which the democratically controlled Senate viewed as unacceptable.

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