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KISS M(e): Keep It Simple, Social Movements: Stop Using Imprecise Language

(01/17/18 5:59am)

All too often, I see my peers discourse about important issues with jargon and buzzwords that sound nice but don’t explain their viewpoints. We talk and write about “oppression,” view things as “problematic” or “complicated,” and use buzzwords like “intersectionality” or “patriarchal.” When attending rallies or reading articles, we constantly hear “disrupt the system,” “engender a mindset shift” or “smash oppressive structures in society.”

Letter to the Editor: Let's be honest about student philanthropy

(01/17/18 5:56am)

We are overwhelmingly thankful to attend Rice University. After three and a half years, we have learned, grown and experienced more than we ever dreamed was possible. Additionally, we could not be more different. Albert is an economist from Russia, and Margaret is a chemical engineer from Tennessee. However, we’ve been brought together by a shared feeling of privilege to attend this university in both senses of the word: privileged because it has been an incredible experience and honor to attend this university, and privileged because it is only due to the generosity and kindness of those who came before us that we have been able to attend Rice. Our shared gratitude led us to volunteer for the Annual Fund, which was unfortunately misrepresented three separate times (article, editorial and cartoon) in last week’s Thresher. So let’s take a step back, check the facts and reflect on why philanthropy, why the Annual Fund and ultimately, why Rice.

Editorial: Response to the Jan. 10 Backpage

(01/12/18 11:58pm)

In the Jan. 10 print edition of the Rice Thresher, our popular satirical “Backpage” consisted of a series of fake advertisements that looked to poke fun at different events going on at Rice and in the world at large. One of these “ads” (see image below), relating to the upcoming holiday of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, has attracted criticism from some individuals on social media; earlier today, in an apparent response, Rice University published a statement on its Twitter account stating that Rice is "disappointed w/this offensive attempt at satire."

Editorial: ​Let’s be honest about why Rice Owls must “give back”

(01/10/18 6:50am)

Every year, the Rice Annual Fund solicits donations from students for the Rice Owls Give Back campaign. One reason is to foster a “tradition” of giving back; another is to measure student satisfaction and boost the school’s ranking. Many students, however, aren’t sure why they should donate in addition to the thousands in tuition they already pay. Instead, they are often pressured into coughing up a dollar or two. Contrary to how the program is often portrayed, the amount of money raised only about equals the amount spent to encourage donations.

​A student artist’s response to the culture erasing our names

(01/10/18 6:45am)

There is a strange and frustrating feeling of detachment when your art is taken out of your possession. This was something I learned last semester, when the emcees at Camp Kesem’s Mr. Rice event pointed out Mr. Brown’s auction poster — a large, laminated print of a photo I took, processed, and edited — and praised it. “This is art!” they said. “Support student artists and bid for this poster!” The unfortunate irony was that, throughout the many weeks Camp Kesem used student photography for this event, they never gave credit to the photographers involved. The only reason the word “art” even entered the conversation that night was because Mr. Brown took the opportunity to speak up and stand up for student artists. But, while he was genuine, the others were not intentional with their words, and they were completely missing the point.

What is virginity, anyway?

(01/10/18 6:32am)

It turns out that Rice students are pretty good at guessing how many of their peers are virgins: 44 percent was the true number and 39 percent the average estimate, according to a recent Research Methods (SOCI 381) study. Study team member Eric Shi said this result surprised him most; he thought Rice students would underestimate the number of virgins.

​Sorkin delivers trademark intensity in poker biopic ‘Molly’s Game’

(01/10/18 6:24am)

“Poker isn’t a game of chance. Poker is game of skill.” So says Molly Bloom, the protagonist of “Molly’s Game.” For approximately a decade, the real-life Bloom, dubbed the “Poker Princess,” ran high-stakes poker games in Los Angeles and New York City. She chronicled these events, as well as her 2013 arrest by the FBI and the trial that ultimately sentenced her to probation over jail time, in her 2014 memoir, also titled “Molly’s Game.” Written and directed by legendary screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, the fast and furious energy of the film adaptation dares one to keep their head above water.

​‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ builds on the ‘90s original

(01/10/18 6:19am)

People who grew up in a certain era are often territorially protective of its positive aspects. For children of the ’90s, “Jumanji” was precious, even more so in the wake of Robin Williams’ death in 2014. No wonder they were infuriated when it looked like “Jumanji” would be the next classic film in line for a reboot, in a new era that can’t resist rebooting everything from golden ages past. While most stories of cinematic reboots tend to end in disaster, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”’s destiny isn’t the trash bin. Instead, in a big surprise, this sequel/reboot is pitch-perfect in its execution because it is built with respectful comprehension of how to grow out of a legacy while forging its own.

Sports in Brief: Football recruits

(01/10/18 6:11am)

New football head coach Mike Bloomgren signed the first players of Rice’s 2018 recruiting class during college football’s early signing period. The Owls added six players in all: defensive end Miles Adams, cornerbacksAndrew Bird and Jason White, offensive linemen Cole Garcia and Clay Servin and linebacker Ja’Quez Brattley. All six players hail from Texas and are two-star recruits according to 247Sports.

Sports in Brief: Hall of fame

(01/10/18 6:10am)

Former Rice running back Trevor Cobb was selected for induction to the College Football Hall of Fame on Monday as part of the 2018 Hall of Fame Class. Cobb was a standout running back for the Owls football team from 1989-1993: in 1991, he was a consensus First Team All-American and won the Doak Walker Award, given to the top collegiate running back in the nation. The following year, he was named the Southwest Conference Offensive Player of the Year as well as the SWC Male Athlete of the Year, leading the Owls to their first winning season since 1963.