The Student Association Senate will vote Wednesday on the creation of a director of government relations position, who would advise the Senate about governmental initiatives.

SA President Griffin Thomas introduced the legislation in March. He said the impact of governmental policies and changes on the student body necesitates the creation of the position.

“As we have seen, initiatives like Texas’ campus carry law and HERO, politics outside the hedges can very much have an impact on our experience at Rice and in the city of Houston,” Thomas, a Lovett College junior, said. “I want to ensure that the SA Senate and the student body is being kept aware of these initiatives and has the ability to voice an opinion as these initiatives are developed.”

Thomas said he did not have a specific candidate in mind for the position.

“[I] will be opening an application later this week if the Senate approves the position,” Thomas said. “I would hope to have this person appointed by our first meeting in the fall.”

Thomas said some of the specifics of the position could be worked out at a later time.

“Initially, the real goal of the position would be educational but once the person has been appointed and I understand his or her strengths better, we’ll work to better define the responsibilities of the position,” Thomas said.