The Student Association Senate voted April 13 to convene the Committee of Constitutional Revisions with the goal of reforming some of the “procedural deficiencies” in the Constitution, according to the legislation.

The legislation was introduced by SA President Griffin Thomas, Internal Vice President Komal Luthra and Parliamentarian Annabelle McIntire-Gavlick.

“The SA Constitution is a towering 110-page document that is too prescriptive of best practices when it doesn’t need to be: It is not a pragmatic governing document,” Thomas said. 

Thomas, a Lovett College junior, noted that the length of the Constitution has greatly expanded in the last several years due to many additions.

“Just five years ago, the Constitution was a third of the size it currently is,” Thomas said. “The SA parliamentarian and I are hoping that the Committee can help to clarify and streamline certain procedures like the Blanket Tax, election and changeover processes, among others. “

According to the legislation, McIntire-Gavlick will chair the revision committee. The members of the committee will be appointed by Thomas.

“Our hope is that by streamlining these processes, we will be able to assure more transparency and accountability,” Thomas said.