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By Rice Thresher Staff     8/28/13 7:00pm

After two years at No. 1, Rice dropped to No. 2 for "Happiest Students" in the Princeton Review's "The Best 378 Colleges" rankings, while rising from No. 2 to No. 1 for the fifth time in the "Best Quality of Life" category.


"I feel like we haven't gotten that much less happy. A lot goes into the rankings, so maybe we'll be #1 again next year."

- Duncan sophomore Ashley Buchanan


"Because it's such an academically ranked school, I didn't expect it to really be as happy as it is. It already feels like home!"

- Duncan freshman Iqra Dada

"I think Rice is really trying to improve our resources, so I don't see why we would have gone down in happiness while we're trying to make improvements. I think the college system helps make everyone feel welcome."

- Martel senior Izzy Spanswick


"The rankings were right on. The university seems really proud, and everyone I've met so far absolutely loves Rice."

- Lovett freshman Luke Daniels


"I don't think we've gotten unhappier - some other school probably just got happier than us, and I'd say quality of life has actually improved."

- Hanszen sophomore Michael Fleming


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