At the end of every year, we like to take the time to congratulate and thank our colleagues who have graduated.

Seth Brown and Ryan Gupta led the Thresher as editors in chief for the past year; we thank them for their time and dedication. 

Emily Nicholson and Farrah Madanay both served as A&E editors, and the office never would have been as entertaining without them.

Marie Walsh was our sports editor for the past year, and the paper would not have been the same without her. 

To Joey Caparella, whose dedication to Thresher news never wavered during his four years: We could not have done it without you. 

Our amazing copy editors Johanna Ohm and Alissa Hart made us look good.

Elena Lacey changed the paper with her amazing illustrations and made our work far more beautiful. 

Our business staff - including Julian Yao, Rick Song and Heaven Chen - kept the paper running.

And Anthony Lauriello never failed to keep the office fun and interesting as Backpage editor. 

To all of you, we wish you the best. You will be missed! Auf Wiedersehen!