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Building worlds: Featuring composition major Molly Turner

(01/23/19 3:21am)

Molly Turner enjoys improvising piano pieces on the spot, skillfully turning a room into a 1950s jazz club or an 18th century palace ballroom. According to Turner, however, she didn’t “get into” composition until high school. She recalls being naïve in many ways in her first year of music school — whereas a violinist may have gone through years of training, she was only just learning the art of her craft.

Business & Pleasure: A conversation with Paul Hester

(01/23/19 5:09am)

A group photo usually includes three elements: the passerby photographer, the impatient photographed group and a phone camera. On Thursday, I got to be a part of the photographed group — but the photographer was former photography professor Paul Hester (Wiess ‘71), and instead of using a phone, he opted for a giant view camera. In classic Paul fashion, we were gathered in this film photo to celebrate the opening of his exhibition, “Business & Pleasure: Fifty Years of Photographs by Paul Hester.” 

Changes come to caregiving amidst concerns over program

(01/16/19 5:38am)

The Wellbeing Center is placing additional regulations on the caregiving program, according to an email obtained by the Thresher sent by Si Qi Tong, a campuswide caregiver. These changes come amidst contradictory reports from Rice Emergency Medical Services (REMS), the Wellbeing Center and the caregiving program over whether REMS withdrew their support of the program.

Despite concerns, Vagina Monologues positive experience for many

(01/16/19 4:04am)

For many years, the Rice Women’s Resource Center (RWRC) has sponsored and staged an annual production of Eve Ensler’s 1996 episodic play, The Vagina Monologues. While past participants, like Lovett College senior Ishani Desai, find the show to be both empowering and illuminating, in recent years the production has provoked criticism from intersectional feminists. As the directors of the RWRC, we believe that it is our responsibility to address the critiques of the show, discuss our decision to continue Rice’s production and detail how we hope to address the many important issues being raised.