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Rice students must care about climate change and act accordingly

(09/16/20 2:15am)

Editor’s Note: This is a guest opinion that has been submitted by a member of the Rice community. The views expressed in this opinion are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of the Thresher or its editorial board. All guest opinions are fact-checked and edited for clarity and conciseness by Thresher editors. 

Fifteen seconds of fame: Meet some of Rice’s viral TikTokers

(09/16/20 4:32am)

TikTok has quickly come to dominate popular culture. From the music played on the radio stations to the newest Dunkin’ menu items (anyone who has tried “The Charli,” please let me know how it is), the app is inescapable — and Rice is no exception. The Thresher spoke with five of Rice’s very own viral TikTokers about creating content, going viral and using their social media platforms to speak on issues they care about. 

Visual and Dramatic Arts at Rice goes hybrid this semester

(09/16/20 12:26am)

From filmmaking to sculpture, faculty and students in the visual and dramatic arts department are discovering what it means to create art when COVID-19 restrictions include room capacity limits and social distancing measures throughout campus. For those who are engaging remotely this semester, finding space to work on art at home can be a challenge. 

Rice music thrives in the face of adversity

(09/16/20 12:22am)

The Shepherd School of Music has conducted classes this semester both in-person and remote despite challenges regarding proximity, airflow, and, in the case of wind instruments, the spread of saliva particles. Consistent and exhaustive COVID-19 precautionary measures, specifically designed to restrict the spread of particles while playing instruments, have been enacted to make in-person music classes possible, according to Rice’s Director of Bands Chuck Throckmorton.

Aparna Shewakramani, "Indian Matchmaking" star, talks lasting friendships with costars and former Rice peers

(09/09/20 3:55am)

Aparna Shewakramani was a freshman at Lovett College when she signed up for an introduction to Hindi class at Rice. She couldn’t have predicted what the class would lead to — that she’d meet one of her two closest friends in the class, and that eighteen years later, the two would briefly appear on Netflix’s reality TV show “Indian Matchmaking” to support her. Or that, during the show, Shewakramani would use her Hindi to communicate with a matchmaker.

Zooming into fall: Students and professors adjust to socially distant classes

(09/09/20 3:22am)

While teaching about projectile motion in PHYS 125 this semester over Zoom, physics Professor Jason Hafner gave students a hypothetical scenario: A hunter is trying to shoot a monkey sitting in a tree. At the sound of the shot, the monkey falls from the tree — will the bullet hit the monkey? When teaching the scenario this semester, Hafner gave it a twist: Instead of teaching completely theoretically, he decided to make it real.

Want to vote this November? Register and make your voting plan today

(09/09/20 2:58am)

Voting may be a constitutionally guaranteed right for most American citizens over the age of 18, but that right is infringed upon year after year by voter suppression tactics employed by legislators across the country. This November, that infringement is poised to be only more severe due to the ongoing pandemic and President Donald Trump’s consistent undermining of the United States Postal Service. Although the grim reality is that most voter suppression tactics are out of an individual voter’s control, there are some steps you can take to protect your vote.

Reckling Park to be on-campus polling location for 2020 election

(09/09/20 3:26am)

Rice’s Reckling Park will be the on-campus polling location for both early voting and election day this year, according to Lila Greiner, the media relations director of Rice Young Democrats. Harris County officials moved Rice’s polling location off-campus in February due to accessibility concerns for non-Rice voters.

Visit Houston's Hidden Secrets: Oddities in the Bayou City!

(09/09/20 2:15am)

After I submitted my college applications as a senior in high school, an odd sensation overcame me. I felt glad and freed, of course, but I also felt a little pit in my stomach as I realized that the schoolwork I’d dedicated the last three and a half years of my life to no longer mattered. I grieved for what I had just lost. Starting this school year isolated in an off-campus apartment, I feel a similar void. My priorities are changing, my mind is reorienting. As R.O. Kwon explains in a phenomenal New York Times piece, the pandemic is a constant state of grieving, wishing for what could have, should have been. 

Rice Football stands up: Players lead march across campus

(09/09/20 2:19am)

More than 100 players from the Rice football team marched silently from Rice Stadium to the Aacademic Quad to protest racial injustice on Friday afternoon. While roll was not taken, head coach Mike Bloomgren said he believes that every member of the team and the coaching staff was present. Players spoke in the quad about the importance of affecting positive change, before the march concluded with a moment of silence to honor those killed as a result of racial discrimination.