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State may cut TEG funding

(02/18/11 12:00am)

Rice expects to see a drop of approximately $1 million in financial aid funds from the Texas Equalization Grant Program for the academic year of 2011-2012. Last year, Rice received $2.6 million from the state annually to help support Texas resident students at private universities whose families' average income is less than $29,000. Out-of-state students who are National Merit Scholars can also get these grants.

Coffeehouse move will expand space

(02/04/11 12:00am)

By the first day of classes next year, Coffeehouse will open its doors from a new location - the Kelley Lounge in the Rice Memorial Center.Coffeehouse has been looking to relocate since 2006, Coffeehouse Project Manager Erin Rouse said. Last semester, the RMC management offered the student-run business to move into the Kelley Lounge. After architects examined the space, Coffeehouse received the final go-ahead from the administration last week.

Fate of KTRU money in hands of committee

(01/28/11 12:00am)

Fulfilling a request from President David Leebron, a 10-member student-administrator committee will represent student opinion concerning how $6 million of the KTRU sale proceeds will be spent. The committee is composed of four members of the Student Association - President Selim Sheikh, Lovett College sophomore Jennifer Dayrit, Duncan College junior Kevin Bush and Brown College senior Kevin Schell - three members of the Graduate Student Association and three administrators - Associate Dean of Undergraduates Matt Taylor, Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Paula Sanders and Director of Student Activities Kate Abad.

Booze: SA alcohol forum discusses safety

(01/21/11 12:00am)

After an influx of calls to Rice Emergency Medical Services for excess alcohol consumption, the Student Association held a panel to discuss what can be done to reduce the number of intoxicated students.The panel, held Wednesday evening, included seven panelists whom the SA felt represent and are informed about Rice's alcohol policy, Will Rice College Senator Renee Dudley said.

Shumway selected as HUMA dean

(05/17/10 12:00am)

As the search for a new dean of undergraduates begins, the search for a new dean of humanities ends, a year after it began, with the selection of Nicolas Shumway, who will become the new dean of humanities beginning July 1. Shumway will be replacing former dean of humanities Gary Wihl, who resigned last year. Allen Matusow, a history professor who served as Rice's humanities dean for 14 years in the 1980s and early 90s, has worked as interim dean for the past school year.

Buckyball discovery room named national chemical landmark

(04/23/10 12:00am)

The success of the buckyball at Rice 25 years ago has earned its place of discovery, room 337 in the Space Science Building, renown as a national historic chemical landmark.The buckyball, a 60-carbon structure in the shape of a soccer ball which was initially observed in outer space, was recreated at Rice in 1985 by Nobel Laureate and late physics professor Richard Smalley and colleagues Professors Robert Curl (Rice University) and Harold Kroto (University of Sussex), who won the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work. Buckyballs were named after the famous architect Richard Buckminster Fuller, who helped popularize the geodesic dome to which buckyballs bear a resemblance.

On-campus housing numbers drop

(04/23/10 12:00am)

Extra space - previously a rare phenomenon in terms of on campus housing - is apparently abundant for the fall of 2010.McMurtry College and Duncan College are still not filled to capacity, even with a high number of freshmen assigned to them for next year, Associate Dean of Undergraduates Matt Taylor said. The colleges should be fully occupied for the fall of 2012, he said.

Kristof highlights global gender inequality

(04/16/10 12:00am)

The New York Times journalist and op-ed columnist Nicolas Kristof brought many personal accounts of suffering he has seen among women throughout the world to a filled Doré Commons at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy April 8. Kristof is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and has traveled to 140 countries. Much of his work focuses on the Darfur region and human trafficking. In addition to his journalistic work, Kristof has devoted efforts to advocacy, in the belief that helping and educating women will help fight extremism and worldwide poverty.

Surls shares insight behind sculptures

(03/26/10 12:00am)

James Surls, whose seven art pieces were installed on campus last month, enlightened the crowd about his art philosophy and the ideas behind his plant-like sculptures in a lecture Tuesday at Herring 100 . The seven pieces in the exhibit, which arrived Feb. 21, are entitled "Magnficent Seven: Houston Celebrates Surls" and reflect a connection with nature, featuring titles like "All Diamond," "Ten Big Standing Bronze Flowers" and "Standing Vase With Five Flowers." Before their appearance in Houston, five of the seven pieces on display were exhibited on Park Avenue in New York City.

Rice receives high score for game design

(03/19/10 12:00am)

Computer gaming - usually a top procrastination activity - is now a productive endeavor for Rice students. Rice earned a spot in the Princeton Review and GamePro magazine's top 50 schools for computer game design. Computer Science Professor Joe Warren (Sid Richardson '83) started the program 10 years ago with the class COMP 460: Advanced Computer Graphics. The Computer Science Department also offers a freshman gaming class, COMP 160, and the Visual and Dramatic Arts Department offers a 3-D modeling class, ARTS 102.

Casino party security pays off

(03/19/10 12:00am)

Nearly 800 party-goers, several donning fake hair braids and blue body paint, made their way to Lovett College last Saturday for the college's annual Casino Night, themed after the movie Avatar. As the partiers arrived at Lovett, they encountered a facade of "floating" mountains, a bridge over a water pit and a small waterfall complete with dry ice to give the appearance of fog. Lovett students started work on the façade before spring break and through the week preceeding the party, Lovett Chief Justice Jay Patel said.

Envision Grants foster cultures of creativity

(02/19/10 12:00am)

Drawn together by Dr. Seuss, color consciousness, water purification and music, six students were awarded the Leadership Rice Envision Grant last fall. Leadership Rice awards Envision Grants of up to $2,500 to students who have an idea for a project that can help enrich a community in some way. Last semester 13 students applied, up from the usual four to six applicants, and only six were chosen.

Vision Weekend ready for prospies

(02/12/10 12:00am)

Now that all college applications have arrived, Rice will attempt to woo more than 150 prospective minority students with Mardi Gras beads and bus tours of Houston. Vision Weekend 2010, which comes with a "quasi-Mardi Gras" theme, is an opportunity for minority students who have applied to Rice to get a preview of the university before decision letters are sent, Admission Associate Director Laura Villafranca said. Students from underrepresented minority groups will be on campus Sunday through Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Students use senior project to track location of buses

(11/13/09 12:00am)

After three years of afternoons waiting idly for the on-campus shuttles, a trio of students has decided that their time will be wasted no more. Three electrical engineering students have taken it upon themselves to create a shuttle-tracking system as their senior design project. Hanszen College senior Katherine Threlkeld and Baker College seniors Bailey Basile and Alysha Jeans are designing a way to track the buses as they travel the Inner Loop and post their locations on a Web site.