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Life's a Mitch: Invitation for Deliberation

(01/15/16 3:25am)

Whoever thought up the New Year’s resolution probably intended well by it, but its meaning has eroded to today’s infamous, scare-quoted “resolution.” Failed reform became the norm. I bet the typical resolution dies because it takes the form of a discrete time chunk one adds, often as a daily routine, to their living: Meditation, volunteering, exercise, diet shifts, etc. What stops this quickly and easily added time chunk from subtracting just as easily and quickly?

Life's a Mitch: Examining Rice's neglected outdoor spaces

(10/01/14 3:22pm)

Hi, my name is Mitch, and I’ll be your guide for the Rice University Tour of Publically Neglected Outdoor Spaces. Many outdoor spaces on campus exceed in beauty, like the grove outside Brochstein Pavilion, the courtyards abutting Anderson Hall and the Humanities Building and the engineering quad. As we shall see, some spaces are equal in beauty and opposite in utility.

Life's a Mitch: Useless to Useful

(03/18/14 9:54pm)

Unitaskers! One of the most repulsive ideas I have encountered. Those familiar with Alton Brown’s Good Eats know unitaskers all too well. Unitaskers are kitchen tools that perform only one function. Culinary abominations. Brown endeavored to exterminate the pests from his kitchen and succeeded (his coup de gras was using the fire extinguisher to make a fruit smoothie, albeit after his show’s conclusion). So I have one question: Why stop at the kitchen?