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Home tournament gives soccer chance to rebound from slow start

(09/06/18 8:16pm)

It has been a somewhat slow start for the Rice Owls soccer team over the first three weeks of the 2018 season. Last year, the Owls were once ranked No. 24 in the nation and earned a spot in the 2017 NCAA Women’s Soccer Championship tournament. This year, however, the Owls have lost three of their first four games, including a 5-1 loss to the University of Alabama last Sunday. 

Experiencing the love in Daniel Caesar’s 'Freudian' performance

(09/05/18 5:22am)

The denim manufactured in Japan is regarded as the highest quality denim in the world and is made with unique Japanese machines – the last of their kind. It is with this sentiment that Daniel Caesar wrote and sang his song “Japanese Denim.” A love that lasts as long as a pair of Japanese denim jeans is a love that lasts forever.

Tingles & Triggers: Delving Into the Calming World of ASMR

(09/05/18 4:14am)

Ever open a can of soda and feel satisfied by the pop and sizzle? Or get chills throughout your spine when someone plays with your hair? Those experiences are tastes of autonomous sensory meridian response, a new trend that has taken YouTube by storm. ASMR is a relaxation method that induces tingles and sleepiness through visual and auditory triggers that range from whispering, tapping and stroking, to chewing, licking and kissing. “ASMRtists” dedicate their YouTube channels to videos that feature all kinds of these triggers. According to Netflix series “Follow This,” in the last year, the number of YouTube videos tagged “ASMR” has more than doubled from 5 million to 11 million. ASMR albums can also be found on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music. Many people have gone as far as pursuing ASMR as their full-time jobs, earning money from sponsorships, ads and donations from dedicated viewers. Even existing YouTubers have given ASMR a try because of its simplicity and popularity; all you need is a microphone and some household items to tap, rub or do anything else to that will tickle your fancy.

Volleyball aces tournament test

(09/05/18 3:43am)

After winning its first two matches of the Rice Adidas Invitational, the volleyball team entered Saturday night’s match against Houston Baptist University with hopes of completing a tournament sweep. Following a narrow loss in the first set, Rice was staring down its first deficit of the weekend, but the Owls quickly turned the corner, defeating HBU in four sets. During Rice’s three wins in the tournament, the team never played a fifth set, securing quick victories in each match.

Editor's Column: Bayou Bucket takeaways

(09/05/18 3:41am)

It was hard to know what to expect coming into this year’s edition of the Bayou Bucket. All of the athletic department’s talk of an offseason turnaround was well and good, but after a narrow victory over an FCS school in the season opener, there was some question as to whether the Owls’ “Intellectual Brutality” mantra was, well, brutal enough. They hardly put the hammer down on Prairie View A&M University, a team which boasts the longest losing streak in NCAA history: 80 games in a row from 1989 to 1998. But that’s beside the point, because in Saturday’s game against crosstown rival Houston, the Owls finally passed muster. It wasn’t a perfect performance (one look at the final score will tell you that), but it was a solid step in the right direction for a team that has been languishing in the doldrums for the better part of the last three years. So here are two things Rice did well — and one the team still needs to work on to keep moving forward.

Troye Sivan's musicality blooms in sophomore album

(09/02/18 10:29pm)

Some students combat September storms with lots of blankets, napping and Netflix, but perhaps they should consider dancing around to Troye Sivan’s sophomore album, “Bloom.” Both thrillingly delicate and heavy-hitting, Sivan’s newest work features his characteristic reflective lyricism coupled with a diverse mix of exuberant classic pop sounds. While his first album, “Blue Neighborhood,” quietly mused about the difficulties of queer heartbreak, “Bloom” sparkles with pride and honest dialogue.