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Monday, April 15, 2024 — Houston, TX

SA Presidential Debate 2018

The Thresher's annual debate between Student Association presidential candidates: Rohan Palanki, a Jones College junior, Mahdi Fariss, a McMurtry College junior, and Ariana Engles, a Lovett College sophomore. The debate was moderated by Thresher Editor-in-Chief Juan Saldaña and News Editor Emily Abdow. Filmed and edited by Clara Tian. Questions: 0:15 All candidates: Opening statements 3:54 All candidates: Student engagement in SA 7:54 All candidates: Sexual assault on campus 11:20 Mahdi: CTIS 12:40 Rohan: Parking 14:16 Ariana: Vaccines resolution vote 16:15 Ariana and Rohan: LEAP 19:03 Mahdi: Process and leadership style 20:09 Rohan and Ariana: LEAP 22:28 Mahdi: Freedom of expression resolution 23:31 Ariana: Platform's heavy focus on specific affected population 26:35 Mahdi: DACA 26:35 All candidates: Differentiating factors from other candidates 31:38 Rohan: Platform specificity - electricity 32:09 All candidates: Undergraduate teaching 35:33 All candidates: Diversity and inclusion 39:45 All candidates: International students diversity and inclusion 43:39 All candidates: Tuition and fees 48:44 Ariana: Morgan Gillis and student apathy 50:23 All candidates: Most pressing issue 54:09 Mahdi and Rohan: Morgan Gillis and student apathy 56:04 All candidates: Closing statements