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Trouble in paradise? Love blooms at these flower shops

Genesis Hahn / Thresher

By Sara Davidson     1/31/23 11:17pm

Spring is (sort of) sprung, and the lovely month of February brings the hotly contested  holiday that everyone secretly hates but some are more vocal about than others: Valentine’s Day. Sure, the day can be nice with or without a significant other, but the capitalism behind the whole thing is insane. How many mini chocolate heart arrangements can clog up the grocery store aisles? Personally, I much prefer Feb. 15, when everything is on sale. However, one thing that stays classy every day of the week is flowers. They brighten up a room and they can be more personalized than any heart shaped candy could ever be. Here are some of the best local floral shops to check out if you want to impress anyone on your Valentine’s Day list. Or, quite frankly, to buy for any reason, not just a capitalistic, secretly despised holiday. 

Fannin Flowers 

First up on our list is a family-owned business that offers special orders, pre-arranged assortments and single fresh flowers for an easy shopping experience. From roses to ranunculus, this shop has prices comparable to what one would expect from your average grocery store, but with higher quality and much greater variety. Although they’re the least expensive shop on the list, they make no sacrifices in quality. Fannin Flowers also has a unique selection of flowers, with my personal favorite being the matsumoto aster.

A Classic Bloom 

This florist is right off of the corner of campus directly across the street from the BRC. That’s right — even those who live at their lab can quickly shop for flowers to brighten up another overworked STEM major’s life. Their Classic Bloom arrangement is perfect for convenience, and a portion of their website is even dedicated to Valentine’s Day flower arrangements. They are a bit pricier than what you would find at your local store but come beautifully detailed, even down to the vase. Their flowers are sourced from Wildflower Family of Florists, a local business. 

Isidora Flowers 

According to their website, they were voted Houston’s Best Flower Shop. They’re also conveniently located in Rice Village across the street from Insomnia Cookies, which makes an elevated version of chocolate and flowers super attainable. They have a limited edition Valentine’s collection that will be available for both delivery and pick up Feb. 10 through 15. The store offers everything from arranged flowers to other plants like succulents. A subscription service is also available, so the gift of flowers could keep on giving far after Valentine’s Day has come and gone. 

Awesome Flowers 

Just as the name implies, this florist is another option close to Rice with beautiful bouquets and great Valentine’s Day specials. After perusing many floral shop websites, I have learned to lower my expectations of what I consider a reasonable price to pay for a bouquet, and this shop’s flowers are relatively affordable. Their arrangements include many vibrant colors that are sure to make even Lovett rooms a little bit brighter. They also include a guide at the bottom for those who are curious about what the various colors symbolize. Now you can send the right colors to those you respect, hold friendships with or maybe occasionally hook up with. I’m sure they would all love the gesture. 

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