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Thursday, February 22, 2024 — Houston, TX

Local markets on their A-trade

Guillian Paguilla / Thresher

By Sara Davidson     10/18/22 10:24pm

Houston is the fourth largest city in the nation, and with all of that real estate comes plenty of markets to serve the community. Everything from your traditional farmers market to ones with  dancing and carnival rides can be found around the city. Some are only a couple metro rides away from campus, while others offer the chance to see more of Houston’s suburbs. As the weather turns to fall, these outdoor markets are the perfect way to support local Houston businesses and have fun while doing so. 

Shop Local Market 

Shop Local Market is a Houston-based brand that offers a variety of markets and other pop-up shops in the Houston area. They host their weekly “Shop Local Tuesdays” event at a venue just a short metro ride away from campus towards Midtown. They also host a Houston Farmers Market on the first Saturday of every month on the north side of town. In addition to these regular markets, they host many pop-up markets and activities around the city. Upcoming events in October include a “Stranger Things” theme for Halloween as well as a “Bike and Fright Fest.”

Traders Village 

Traders Village is the largest weekend flea market in Texas and the largest market on the Texas Gulf Coast, sitting on over 100 acres and hosting 2,000 vendors every weekend. It includes stands from Art to Wood Work (not quite A to Z, but almost) and even boasts carnival rides in addition to all the shops. The flea market also puts together special events and themed weekends —- they just hosted Charreada, for Hispanic Heritage month. If you’ve ever wanted to attend a proper flea market and spend the day shopping, Traders Village is the perfect way to spend a Saturday — just remember to pay the $5 parking fee if you take a car there. 

Farmers Market Rice Village 

For a market as close to Rice as possible, look no further than just beyond the hedges in Rice Village. This open air market is open the first and third Sunday of every month and boasts over 40 local vendors. Everything from a morning coffee to morning margarita can be ordered at the market, and visitors can easily enjoy the best of both worlds by combining produce picking with window shopping at stores in the Village. Beyond food, fresh flowers and home essentials can also be found, and with such a convenient location, it’s perfect to stop by as the weather finally (hopefully) turns cool. 

Hip Hop Vintage Flea Market 

This pop-up vintage flea market combines retro clothing sales with hip hop battles, dance parties and a fun time. A collaboration from Resale Folds and Bgirl City, the combination of business and hip hop means that there is always something to watch, buy and interact with. Over 80 brands, businesses and artists come to their various events held across Houston. In November, plans for a huge five-year anniversary market are underway, offering not just clothes, but a huge party for the whole community. Hip Hop Vintage Flea is definitely worth checking out to shop in an interactive and lively space. 

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