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Thursday, October 06, 2022 — Houston, TX

New Year, new hobbies to explore

Photos courtesy Sara Davidson

By Sara Davidson     1/25/22 11:57pm

As we end the first month of 2022, it’s never too late to pick up new hobbies and learn new habits to set yourself up for success for the rest of the year (and maybe longer). With everything from little habits to fun new hobbies, here are some things to try that embody the “new year, new you” motto. 

1. Make a vision board 

While this first one might sound stereotypical, a vision board can be a fun and creative way to kickstart figuring out what else you might want to do for the year. It can feature anything from places to travel to academic or physical goals or mottos to be reminded of. Make online boards using platforms like Canva, Pinterest and Piktochart, or create physical ones with a posterboard and old magazines (maybe even old Thresher articles).

2. Needlework 

This hobby teaches a variety of techniques, and regardless of the initial goal, each project can provide fun crafts and tangible products. Embroidery, for example, uses fun colors to spice up clothes and tote bags, or simply to make pretty designs as decor. Everything is possible, from simple flowers to monograms and cute phrases. This hobby produces fun outcomes from extra decor to new clothes, and even has plenty of beginner-friendly tutorials on YouTube. 

3. Painting 

Painting doesn’t have to be intimidating or only reserved for those naturally skilled with a brush — it can also just be a fun way to blow off steam and get creative. Many canvases and paints are inexpensive, and there are plenty of online video tutorials to follow along with. This is also a great hobby to pick up with friends, perhaps painting the beauty around Rice if the weather allows. As a social event or a time of private reflection, painting can help you tap into your artistic potential. 

4. Journaling 

As the semester flies by, writing down the best memories or even everyday events can help remind us of goals reached, new things tried, or fun nights with friends. Type journal entries online, or use a simple notebook and pen. There are even websites with journaling prompts if writing down what comes to mind seems dull or difficult. Beginning or ending the day by reflecting can be a great way to stay positive and keep memories intact, and is fun to look back on later. 

5. Learn a new language 

Rice has not only an amazing foreign language program, but very cool study abroad programs, so why not take advantage of all that is offered? With beginner classes offered in everything from Spanish to German to Arabic, traveling the world may be as simple as mastering those grammar conjugations. The Study Abroad Office is great for finding programs for any major, timeline and budget. In addition, platforms like Duolingo are free and can help brush up on the everyday language needed to navigate foreign places. So, whether for study abroad or for learning’s sake, be ready in whatever language is necessary. 

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