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Out of the Box Art: Unusual venues to visit in Houston

Photo courtesy Morgan Gage

By Sara Davidson     10/5/21 10:36pm

With the weather becoming more bearable and life beyond the hedges calling, new activities to explore in Houston are a high priority for many students. Never fear, the Thresher is here with a couple of places worth checking out to explore art — and take some cool photos too. Some are outdoors, most are free and all are fun; here are some of our favorite unusual art venues.

1. Rothko Chapel Houston 

Located beside the Menil Collection and nestled between trees, this unique art experience is designed as a place to relax and reflect. This chapel is home to 14 murals created by the American artist Mark Rothko and is a popular meditation spot for many. Entry is free, and the quiet space is perfect to sit down in and forget about your worries. On any given day you can find people sitting, reflecting, moving around or even laying down, all in a hushed manner to keep the space serene. Various events are also regularly hosted at the chapel, ranging from immigrant rights panels to concerts. From panels to meditation, this chapel is a perfect place to step back and just be. 

Address: 3900 Yupon St., Houston, TX 77006


2. Graffiti Park 

A funky and spacious outdoor venue, Graffiti Park is home to walls of graffiti and other street art. A popular spot, this is the perfect place to go to enjoy the fall weather and snag some good pictures. Murals range from the abstract to outlines of Houston to celebrity tributes. The is the perfect location to truly get lost in the art, as you can get up close and personal to the pieces and choose to cover as much ground as you wish in the park. Go to admire the rich local culture and artistry of the city around us (and to get a good pic for the ’gram). 

Address: 2102 Leeland St., Houston, TX 77003

3. The Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park 

History can be considered art within itself, which is exactly what you’ll find within this micro-time capsule showing us Houston’s past. The Heritage Society Park holds a variety of houses to tour that range from before Texas was a state all the way to the oil boom. With these moments captured in time, the place gives an aura of a living history museum. Uncover the unique history of Texas with a real sense of how past Houstonians lived, and how Rice was shaped by this city. The park is currently celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with several events, and general tours are also available. 

Address: 1100 Bagby St., Houston, TX 77002


4. Eclectic Menagerie Park 

Another outdoor venue outside the outer loop, Eclectic Menagerie Park sits on the edge of a pipe yard in Houston. Created by the Rubenstein Family, this free public park is filled with handcrafted metal works from lesser-known local artists and more well-known artists alike, with everything from a giant armadillo to an airplane elevated by a pipe on display. Another perfect destination to enjoy the cooler weather, this park is part quirky, part kitschy and all you need for an enjoyable afternoon. 

Address: 2838 Bellfort St, Houston, TX 77051


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