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New in town: October Restaurant Openings

Photo courtesy Greg Morago, Houston Chronicle

By Grace Wei     10/4/19 2:00am

Houston, the most demographically diverse city in America, is also home to one of the most diverse food scenes in the nation. In the next month alone, you can experience new and upcoming restaurants with cuisines from all around the globe. Be sure to try some of these warm meals as the weather outside cools in October.


Styled after an izakaya (Japanese pub), Toukei will be opening soon with a wood-burning grill and Japanese bar with bar snacks. The menu will feature classic Asian treats like okonomiyaki, spicy white pepper wings and of course, spicy bowls of ramen. This restaurant will be conveniently located next to the popular noodle restaurant Ishin Udon; both are owned by Mike Tran. If it’s any indication, all of Mike Tran’s nine eateries have been favorably rated and received, and Toukei may very well be his tenth. Toukei is located at 9630 Clarewood Drive and operates Tuesday through Sunday from 5 p.m. - 2 a.m.


This newly opened restaurant serves food that will transport you to the city of Madrid. MAD features an interior bursting with vibrant modernity and fun energy. Based on a vivid red color theme, MAD is filled with contemporary light installations and gold-plated wall art. The food is just as aesthetically pleasing. MAD serves traditional Spanish dishes like croquetas and crujiente de cerdo, or crispy pig ears. Be sure to grab some of their famous churros with chocolate. MAD is located at 4444 Westheimer Road and is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Politan Row

Get ready for the highly anticipated opening of Rice Village newcomer Politan Row, a food hall with 12 vendors that will make it harder than ever for Rice students to choose where to eat. These vendors will range from Phillip Kim’s Breaking Bao food truck to an Indonesian boba and soft serve ice cream vendor. At Politan Row, students will be able to experience food from various cultures, all in one convenient location. Politan Row is slated to open later this fall at 2445 Times Blvd.

Blood Bros. BBQ

What started as a pop-up barbeque servery has finally found a permanent home in Houston. Blood Bros. BBQ isn’t just one of the numerous classic American barbecue joints in Texas — this restaurant adds a unique Asian twist. It offers savory dishes like brisket fried rice, smoked turkey banh mi and Thai peanut butter sticky ribs. The spicy flavors found in Thai cuisine perfectly complement the fatty meats in American barbeque. Try out Blood Bros. BBQ for an eating experience that combines the best of both worlds. Blood Bros. BBQ is located at 5425 Bellaire Blvd. and operates Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. 

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