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March 21 crossword solutions


By Margaret Roddy     3/22/18 10:19am

1 BEER Alcohol from cereal grains 1 BIB Best bibliography website: Easy___
5 BIKE Speedy mode of transportation on Saturday 2 ESOP Employee stock ownership plan
9 ISLE With 3 down, Napoleon's exile location 3 ELBA See 9 across
10 ODER River in Central Europe 4 RE Dimensionless number for fluid mechanics for flow patterns
11 BOB Short for Robert 5 BOUD A weevil
12 BULGE WWII: Battle of the ______ 6 IDLE To operate an engine at a low speed
13 PARADE Event after water balloon fight; here comes the War Pig again 7 KEG Barrel of beer
16 UP Saddest Pixar movie 8 ERE "I kissed thee ___ I killed thee" - Othello
18 ALCOHOL REMEMBER: the hard version of this is not allowed on Saturday 12 BA Sheep noise
24 TAH Backwards hat 14 RHO Density in Greek
25 AVOID What you do to an ex at a public 15 WATER Chugging substitute for beer
26 EMU Large African bird 17 PEDAL To propel a bike
27 NEK Barbie's other half, reversed 19 LAME Like term-limited president, precedes waterfowl
28 REG Regular, for short 20 CHUG Sub-4 seconds is the goal
29 GROWL A dog's snarl 21 HANG With 22 down, what everybody will have by 4 pm on Saturday

22 OVER See 21 down, wild bachelor party movie in Las Vegas "The _____"

23 LOKO "Mama Didn't Raise No Bitch" beverage

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