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Feb. 14 crossword solutions

Crossword #2: Books I was Supposed to Read in High School


By Margaret Roddy     2/14/18 1:20am

1IT DPTGroup that helps with technology, abbreviated 1ITHACAFinal destination of The Odyssey
6DR GASPhD in vapors2THE MOMWhen you take care of everybody, you're "___ _____" of the group
11BGTBritain's Got Talent, briefly3DELPHILocation of famous Greek oracle
14THE ARIt's like spear but with a lisp and without a 'p'4PALBestie
15RUMBASultry ballroom dance5TROYGot tricked by a horse
16ERRMake a mistake6DRAMASMacbeth, A Doll's House, and Oedipus Rex
17HELLO HAMLETWiess musical version of a Shakespeare classic7RUMJack Sparrow's favorite drink
18LAYAs I _____ Dying8GMLGame maker language, for short
19IMPSee 29*2 across9ABENickname for Lincoln
20ACIDSPartner to bases10SATANA main character for 37 across
22COHORice faculty club, for short11BELIEVESImagines
24FAHRENHEITBook burning, "_________ 451"12GRADIENTTransition of color
28AMISHFor these people, no electricity, no problem13TRYSTSMultiple romantic rendezvous
30SAYSUtters21CHI16th letter of the Greek alphabet
31IVES"It'll nearly be like a picture print by Currier and _____"23OSHAWorkplace safety organization
32HERMovie about IM-ing with AI25HARISSAHot chili pepper paste
34RETEA network of blood vessels26RYESDark wheat breads
36ETWikipedia language prefix27ESTERAcid with alkyl instead of hydroxyl
37PARADISE LOSTMan's fall, or Genesis 2.029HERAWife of Zeus
40ARAConstellation in the southern hemisphere33RAGWorthless piece of cloth
42AGESCanterbury Tales time, the Middle ____35ELMSStreets full of nightmares
43RMCSite of perpetual boba sales37PANICKEDHow I felt writing this crossword at 2 am
44LUNGSCUBA or aqua-_____38DEAFScarlet fever left Helen Keller blind and ____
46ASBVolunteer spring break trip39OCHEThrow line for darts
48SHEBAActs stuck up, like the Queen of _________40ALABAMAMost hated college football team
51ANIMAL FARMAllegory of Stalinist Russia41RUNAWAYHuckleberry Finn, for example
54EUAUSA, to the French45GMOGenetically modified organism
55BACONPhilosopher Francis47BRUTALPhysics 102 final exam
56USBMemory stick you never know which way to insert49EU ASHEuropean tree
58AMPOne coulomb per second50BAMBOOSnack for pandas
60AWKRunning into your screw date again52ANGLEEither acute, right, or obtuse
61GREAT GATSBY"And I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties, there isn't any privacy"53MSGSodium salt of glutamic acid
66MAELead actress of The DUFF57BATSFlight form for vampires
67LARVABaby beetle59PYESOld-timey English version of a baked good
68TAHOELarge lake in Nevada and California62RAMMascot to the GOAT basketball team, see 65 down
69AYDAre you done? in texting lingo63ERAPeriod of time
70EMAILForm of communication used to awkwardly say thank you after an interview64AVIVideo or audio file
71SRMatriculating class that gives fewest shits right now65TARBest basketball team ever, GO ____ HEELS!!!!
72OSSnow Leopard, Yosemite, Sierra

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