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Feb. 14 crossword solutions

Crossword #2: Books I was Supposed to Read in High School


By Margaret Roddy     2/14/18 1:20am

1 IT DPT Group that helps with technology, abbreviated 1 ITHACA Final destination of The Odyssey
6 DR GAS PhD in vapors 2 THE MOM When you take care of everybody, you're "___ _____" of the group
11 BGT Britain's Got Talent, briefly 3 DELPHI Location of famous Greek oracle
14 THE AR It's like spear but with a lisp and without a 'p' 4 PAL Bestie
15 RUMBA Sultry ballroom dance 5 TROY Got tricked by a horse
16 ERR Make a mistake 6 DRAMAS Macbeth, A Doll's House, and Oedipus Rex
17 HELLO HAMLET Wiess musical version of a Shakespeare classic 7 RUM Jack Sparrow's favorite drink
18 LAY As I _____ Dying 8 GML Game maker language, for short
19 IMP See 29*2 across 9 ABE Nickname for Lincoln
20 ACIDS Partner to bases 10 SATAN A main character for 37 across
22 COHO Rice faculty club, for short 11 BELIEVES Imagines
24 FAHRENHEIT Book burning, "_________ 451" 12 GRADIENT Transition of color
28 AMISH For these people, no electricity, no problem 13 TRYSTS Multiple romantic rendezvous
30 SAYS Utters 21 CHI 16th letter of the Greek alphabet
31 IVES "It'll nearly be like a picture print by Currier and _____" 23 OSHA Workplace safety organization
32 HER Movie about IM-ing with AI 25 HARISSA Hot chili pepper paste
34 RETE A network of blood vessels 26 RYES Dark wheat breads
36 ET Wikipedia language prefix 27 ESTER Acid with alkyl instead of hydroxyl
37 PARADISE LOST Man's fall, or Genesis 2.0 29 HERA Wife of Zeus
40 ARA Constellation in the southern hemisphere 33 RAG Worthless piece of cloth
42 AGES Canterbury Tales time, the Middle ____ 35 ELMS Streets full of nightmares
43 RMC Site of perpetual boba sales 37 PANICKED How I felt writing this crossword at 2 am
44 LUNG SCUBA or aqua-_____ 38 DEAF Scarlet fever left Helen Keller blind and ____
46 ASB Volunteer spring break trip 39 OCHE Throw line for darts
48 SHEBA Acts stuck up, like the Queen of _________ 40 ALABAMA Most hated college football team
51 ANIMAL FARM Allegory of Stalinist Russia 41 RUNAWAY Huckleberry Finn, for example
54 EUA USA, to the French 45 GMO Genetically modified organism
55 BACON Philosopher Francis 47 BRUTAL Physics 102 final exam
56 USB Memory stick you never know which way to insert 49 EU ASH European tree
58 AMP One coulomb per second 50 BAMBOO Snack for pandas
60 AWK Running into your screw date again 52 ANGLE Either acute, right, or obtuse
61 GREAT GATSBY "And I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties, there isn't any privacy" 53 MSG Sodium salt of glutamic acid
66 MAE Lead actress of The DUFF 57 BATS Flight form for vampires
67 LARVA Baby beetle 59 PYES Old-timey English version of a baked good
68 TAHOE Large lake in Nevada and California 62 RAM Mascot to the GOAT basketball team, see 65 down
69 AYD Are you done? in texting lingo 63 ERA Period of time
70 EMAIL Form of communication used to awkwardly say thank you after an interview 64 AVI Video or audio file
71 SR Matriculating class that gives fewest shits right now 65 TAR Best basketball team ever, GO ____ HEELS!!!!
72 OS Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Sierra

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