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Jan. 31 crossword solutions

Crossword #1: Famous Faces in Rice History


By Margaret Roddy     1/31/18 1:37am

1 AXMAN Jason Voorhees 1 ABSORB Take in
6 EGEST Excrete 2 XL AREA Big space
11 MUT Egyptian sky goddess or misspelled mixed dog 3 MAMBAS Speedy venomous snakes
14 BLARE Loud harsh sound 4 ARM I would give an ____ and a leg
15 MILKY First bit of our galaxy 5 NECK We do it different down in my ___ of the woods
16 ONO Yoko 6 EMU DOC Takes care of large birds
17 SAM MCGUFFIE 2018 Olympic bobsledder, Rice grad 7 GIF Still don't know how to pronounce this
18 SBT Build tool for Scala 8 ELF "I'm a cotton-headed ninny-muggins!"
19 ORB Sphere 9 SKI Your rich friend does this
20 AQUA Romans drank this 10 TYE Nautical rope
21 REAR 3rd row in a soccer mom's car 11 MOSQUITO Zika carrier
23 ROBERT CURL Rice Nobel Prize winner 12 UNBURDEN To relieve someone
27 BASIS Justification 13 TOTALED Destroyed your car
29 CUTE Rice student missed encounter descriptor 20 ACT 6*10+5 Across
30 TIDE Pls don't eat this 22 RICE Best form of starch
31 CIA Director Mike Pompeo 24 BULWARK Defensive wall
33 LCMS Tbt to algebra and combining fractions 25 ETCH Carve
35 TED Theme: Bending Beliefs on Feb 20 26 REMIX "It's the ___ to ignition"
36 PEGGY WHITSON Rice grad, most days spent in space by NASA astronaut 28 SIGN Leo or scorpio
39 FAR Distance from Wiess to Brown 32 AGO "a long time ___"
41 NOAA Issues tornado warnings 34 STIR Agitate
42 XII Drummers drumming 36 PROM DATE Awkward senior year photo partner
43 ATOP Up on 37 YAMA Hindu god of death
45 MRS State school degree 38 SION League of Legends champion
47 RODIN The Thinker 39 FAJITAS South servery staple, make sure to get extra guac
51 JAMES BAKER Lawyer to Willy 40 AT AN ICU Location where you get a broken neck fixed
54 NAME Margaret or Josh or Walker or Nicky 44 PEI IM architect
55 INDIA 2nd most populous country 46 SEGWAY Most touristy method of transportation around a city
56 GOA State in southwest India 48 DAMSEL Can rescue herself from distress, tyvm
58 MGR Administrator, briefly 49 IM GONE Peace out
59 TIA Aunt 50 NERNST Find reaction potential in non-standard conditions
60 LUKE WILLSON 2013 Rice grad, drafted by Seahawks 52 SALAD Woman laughing with ___
65 ACT Standardized test 53 ROI Gain on project, ask an ECON major
66 ANOVA Analysis of variance 57 ALTO Below soprano
67 TEENS Youths 61 UNI College to Australians
68 SUE File legal action against 62 KOC Coffeehouse employee
69 DICEY Unpredictable 63 EVE Night before
70 OWLET Rice baby 64 LEW Short for Lewis

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