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Jan. 31 crossword solutions

Crossword #1: Famous Faces in Rice History


By Margaret Roddy     1/31/18 1:37am

1AXMANJason Voorhees1ABSORBTake in
6EGESTExcrete2XL AREABig space
11MUTEgyptian sky goddess or misspelled mixed dog3MAMBASSpeedy venomous snakes
14BLARELoud harsh sound4ARMI would give an ____ and a leg
15MILKYFirst bit of our galaxy5NECKWe do it different down in my ___ of the woods
16ONOYoko6EMU DOCTakes care of large birds
17SAM MCGUFFIE2018 Olympic bobsledder, Rice grad7GIFStill don't know how to pronounce this
18SBTBuild tool for Scala8ELF"I'm a cotton-headed ninny-muggins!"
19ORBSphere9SKIYour rich friend does this
20AQUARomans drank this10TYENautical rope
21REAR3rd row in a soccer mom's car11MOSQUITOZika carrier
23ROBERT CURLRice Nobel Prize winner12UNBURDENTo relieve someone
27BASISJustification13TOTALEDDestroyed your car
29CUTERice student missed encounter descriptor 20ACT6*10+5 Across
30TIDEPls don't eat this22RICEBest form of starch
31CIADirector Mike Pompeo24BULWARKDefensive wall
33LCMSTbt to algebra and combining fractions25ETCHCarve
35TEDTheme: Bending Beliefs on Feb 2026REMIX"It's the ___ to ignition"
36PEGGY WHITSONRice grad, most days spent in space by NASA astronaut28SIGNLeo or scorpio
39FARDistance from Wiess to Brown32AGO"a long time ___"
41NOAAIssues tornado warnings34STIRAgitate
42XIIDrummers drumming36PROM DATEAwkward senior year photo partner
43ATOPUp on37YAMAHindu god of death
45MRSState school degree38SIONLeague of Legends champion
47RODINThe Thinker39FAJITASSouth servery staple, make sure to get extra guac
51JAMES BAKERLawyer to Willy40AT AN ICULocation where you get a broken neck fixed
54NAMEMargaret or Josh or Walker or Nicky44PEIIM architect
55INDIA2nd most populous country46SEGWAYMost touristy method of transportation around a city
56GOAState in southwest India48DAMSELCan rescue herself from distress, tyvm
58MGRAdministrator, briefly49IM GONEPeace out
59TIAAunt50NERNSTFind reaction potential in non-standard conditions
60LUKE WILLSON2013 Rice grad, drafted by Seahawks52SALADWoman laughing with ___
65ACTStandardized test53ROIGain on project, ask an ECON major
66ANOVAAnalysis of variance57ALTOBelow soprano
67TEENSYouths61UNICollege to Australians
68SUEFile legal action against62KOCCoffeehouse employee
69DICEYUnpredictable63EVENight before
70OWLETRice baby64LEWShort for Lewis

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