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Thresher Presents: What's hip now

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The Menil's Infinity Machine

By Kaylen Strench, Arts and Entertainment Editor     2/11/15 4:14am

NPR's Invisibilia

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In a phrase: “Jogging entertainment for science and psych nerds.”

Where to find it: npr.com; can also download from iTunes.

I can never run without something in my ears — my drowning-elephant-level panting makes the outer loop feel like a three-mile version of the Mojave desert. That said, I think I’d rather fork out my eyeballs than listen to the Top 40 on repeat for a half-hour.

Thankfully, I lucked out with Invisibilia, an hour-long NPR podcast that meshes together cutting-edge science, NPR witty intellectual charm and a touch of sentimentality. The two extremely likable hosts, Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel, focus on a theme, like “Entanglement,” and relate it to the workings of the human brain through a series of real-life stories and discussions with academia about breakthroughs in science, psychology and technology. It comes together in a way that is both stimulating and consumable; and the easy accessibility through NPR or iTunes makes it a pleasurable addition to a walk from West Lot or inner loop bus ride.


Postmates Food Delivery

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In a phrase: “Uber for food delivery.”

Where to find it: Postmates.com, or download the app off iTunes.

 You’re sitting in your dorm room, it’s a Saturday night and you’re tired of people, but you still want a nice dinner. Also, caveat — you are sick and tired of pizza, and you have no car. Enter the neatest app I’ve seen yet, Postmates, which employs freelance couriers to bring you delicious, high-quality food from your favorite restaurants. All you have to do is select a restaurant (including Jus Mac, Crave Cupcakes and even Ruggles Green), pick out what you want and a nice guy or gal will bike or drive it over to you for a small fee. They don’t do every restaurant, and you may have to wait just a little bit, but hey, we’ll take it over stomaching Domino’s yet again.


HBO's "Togetherness"

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In a phrase: “Something like a darker ‘Modern Family’ that’s been HBO-fied.”

Where to find it: HBO, or mooch off your friend’s HBOGO account.

 The eccentric indie duo of brothers Jay Duplass (Jeff, Who Lives at Home) and Mark Duplass (“The League”) has put together an oddly warm little family drama that is weird enough to actually seem, well, believable. “Togetherness,” which just got renewed for a second season, tells the story of a young family with fairly standard issues (“Honey, why do we never have sex anymore?”) hosting a couple of not-so-welcome guests. Though at moments it oozes with warm fuzzies, the Duplasses use an appropriate amount of edge to distance the show from triteness, encouraging viewers to feel invested but never bored. Though only four episodes have been released so far, this seems to have the potential of becoming a little gem of a show worth giving a shot.


The Menil Collection's "Infinity Machine"

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In a phrase: “Spinning lights, space, chanting, mirrors.”

Where to find it: In the Byzantine Fresco Chapel by the Menil, in the Museum District.

 Visiting the Menil is always a trippy experience, but if you go within the next couple of months, it may verge on surreal. Inside the newly renovated Byzantine Fresco Chapel right next to the main museum, Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller have just installed their new absolutely overwhelming “Infinity Machine.” I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but let’s just put out a few buzzwords: ethereal sounds, over 150 rotating antique mirrors, NASA. Essentially, “Infinity” is designed to supply the effect of a hallucinogenic drug experience and a visit to MoMa. You’ll be moved, disoriented and see imaginary things — and you’ll be a little cooler for the whole thing.

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