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Attend the Homecoming football game

By Evan Neustater     11/5/14 5:50am

Rice University is hosting its annual homecoming football game this Saturday, Nov. 8. The team is competing for its sixth win of the season, which will essentially guarantee a spot in a bowl game for the third-straight season and the fifth time in the last 40 years. Additionally, Rice is currently riding a five-game winning streak, has won 11 of their last 12 home games and looks as if they could be contenders for the Conference USA title.

Sadly, most Rice students have not attended a football game this season despite having a team that is arguably one of Rice’s better teams of the past 40 years. Rice averaged an attendance of 18,785 fans per game last season, which may seem like a large number, but when compared to the Division I average of 45,192 fans per game, it’s easy to see Rice’s attendance problems.

Of course, it’s unrealistic to expect football attendance to skyrocket anytime soon, if ever. We have the natural disadvantage of being a small school of under 4,000 undergraduates, which naturally lowers the number of students and alumni that can attend events.

Regardless, Rice does have almost 4,000 undergraduate students. If just one-fourth of the school came to our homecoming football game, it would be the largest student attendance we’ve had in recent memory. Remember the Conference Championship game last year and how fun it was to rush the field and be a part of something bigger than yourself? Just one-fourth of the student body coming to the football game would create an unforgettable atmosphere and a student section larger than any of us have seen at Rice Stadium.

We’ve all heard the excuses: I have too much work, I don’t want to go to a game at 11 a.m — the list goes on. These are valid concerns. Eleven o’clock on a Saturday is early, and Rice can be a lot of work. But for just one day, for just a few hours, we should all join together as a school, as Rice, and root for the team that represents each and every one of us. For one day, let’s not be Murts, Sidizens, Bakerites or whatever you may be. Let’s come together as Rice Owls, watch some quality football and watch our classmates clinch a spot in the college football postseason.

The Rice Rally Club will host a tailgate before the game, which can (when done right) be one of the most fun parts of college weekends. There will be breakfast and drinks provided, with games and activities starting two hours before kickoff. If you can go to the game, you should. They’re always a lot of fun, and the homecoming game should be the most fun and best-attended game of the season. Also, I will personally high-five you if you come up to me. Totally worth it.

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