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Y'all went where


The printmaking room, in the Wiess College basement, is open to all students. The basement includes the materials to make do-it-yourself screenprint t-shirts.

By Rice Thresher Staff     8/30/12 7:00pm


Jones Business School Library

"The Jones Business School library has a traditional collegiate library feel that makes it a perfect place for studying. Also, the staff is really friendly." -Dante Zakhidov, Hanszen College sophomore

Couch by Women's Resource Center

"The little couch in the nook by the Women's Resource Center, because you can hear the noise from Coffeehouse but it's not on top of you to be distracting." -Marie Thompson, McMurtry College senior

Founder's Court

"My favorite place on campus only happens closer to winter. In Founder's Court, at around 5:15 p.m. during the late fall until early spring, the sun lines up directly above Fondren and in the archway of the Sallyport, shooting a beam of light through it. It is a phenomenon that I have come to call 'Rice Light'." -Shaan Patel, McMurtry junior

Field of Flowers behind Wiess College

"The grassy area behind Wiess (near the golf cart paths) is cool. There are lots of nice wildflowers in the spring that make the area really colorful." -Linda Wang, Will Rice College junior

Digital Media Center

"The Digital Media Center is a quiet place to study, and a great resource for students with media projects." -Danielle Brown, Baker College senior

Wiess Printmaking Room

"The printmaking room is one of the best kept secrets at Rice. When I first visited Rice as a prospective student an art major described it as the 'Print Palace.' It lives up to this name and was actually one of the deciding factors when I chose to come to Rice." -Lydia Smith, Duncan College sophomore

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