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So long, farewell

By Staff Editorial     5/22/12 7:00pm

At the end of every year, we like to take the time to congratulate and thank our colleagues who have graduated and will now have to find real jobs. Editor in Chief Josh Rutenberg was generally clean-shaven as an underclassman and news editor, but he grew an impressive senior beard. His wonderfully bad jokes never failed to inspire a few groans, but his civility and helpfulness, especially at odd hours of the morning, were exceptional. Design Czar Zach Castle also managed to stay charismatic on late nights, though female staffers of all ages soon learned that he is a shameless flirt.

Local Editor Hallie Jordan was a jack of all trades. Hallie represented a quieter side of the office, but getting to know her and her sense of humor was well worth the while. The same can be said for Calendar Editor Devin Glick, whose mastery of the pun served him well. Devin's corner of the office was always a welcome escape to civilized conversation.

Sports Editor Jonathan Myers, "J-My," had a tough exterior but was always ready to lend a hand when needed. His neighbor in the office, Photo Editor Alex Moharam, "Moho," was always the first to pick up slack in the office, and she maintained an easy-going, fun-loving personality. Maybe someday she will get a quote of her own up on the wall.

Without Web Editor Dennis Qian, none of our material would have made it out past the hedges. Dennis kept the website running smoothly and provided character to the office after all the print staff had already gone home.

All seven of you will be missed, but we know that you're going on to a better, more sleep inducive future. Thanks for the good issues and the great times - we wish you all the best of luck in your journeys.

We wish the entire graduating class of 2012 our best and encourage you to consider Salman Khan's words and example (see story, page 1). While the easy thing to do might be to take the first job offer you get and stick with it, sometimes taking a risk is the most rewarding option. Now is the ideal time to do so, before you become encumbered by the responsibilities of age. Finally, acknowledging those who do positive things and encouraging constructive behavior can have a positive effect of its own.

Congratulations, class of 2012. We'll miss you.

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