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4/19/12 7:00pm

In response to "An increased size means increased opportunities"(April 13, 2012)

While it's great that we still have so many classes with fewer than 20 students, that comes at the expense of having lots of students who can't get into the classes that they want (or need).

Even the larger classes are filling up before students who need to take them can get in, and there's little to blame for that other than the combination of increased enrollment and lackof attention to increasing course offerings to accommodate that increased enrollment.

I completely agree with the positive aspects of increased enrollment you've outlined. There are, however, problems that result from the way the university has has handled the increased enrollment. I have spoken to numerous students over the past week who have been unable to get the classes they need for their major; some have been unable to even get classes in their major department. The university needs to focus on increasing the number of course offerings and the number of sections for required courses (rather than increasing class sizes, which would not be desirable). It is unacceptable that students at a university known for its high quality of life cannot get into the courses they need.

Again, I cannot stress enough that it is not increased enrollment that is the problem; it is the fact that the changes that need to come with increased enrollment to keep everything working properly have not come, and that has been particularly evident in light of registration for the fall 2012 semester.


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Israel is a special place and arguably the most misunderstood in the world. We will be celebrating Israel’s 75th birthday at Rice, commemorating the occasion with a conference hosted by the Baker Institute on April 27, 2023. It is important to understand that the Jewish connection to the land of Israel goes back thousands of years. Jews were always in this land before Israel was created. As I prepare to graduate, having founded a Students Supporting Israel chapter at Rice, I want students to be informed about Israel and Palestine. There are many people who spew misinformation and will not want to listen to facts because of the false narrative they love to believe.

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Thank you for letting me tell your stories

If there is anything I will miss about college, it is the Thresher.  No matter how many long nights or years of my life I have given to this paper, I have never grown tired of the Thresher. Maybe because of a superb staff that impresses me every day with their talent and dedication to good journalism or the unwavering support and friendship (and fist bumps) from my co-editor Ben Baker-Katz, but, I think most of all, it is the work I was able to do here. 

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For the last two years, whenever someone has tried to make plans with me on a Tuesday, I’ve responded with some version of “I can’t, I’ve got Thresher.” The natural next question, after I explain that putting together a weekly paper takes up the vast majority of every Tuesday, is “Why do you spend so much time on it?” And silly as it may seem, I’ve never really come up with a good answer to that question.


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