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1/31/12 6:00pm

In response to: "On-campus food offerings under-appreciated by student body"

I was at Rice between 2003 and 2007 and I'd have to say that overall the serveries do a damn good job, particularly given the number and cultural spread of people that they have to cook for. Sure, eating in the same place day after day might get a bit monotonous. But then again, so would going to the same restaurant three times a day, no matter how good it was. So, congrats to the servery staff for always doing a great job and cooking generally healthful and tasty food for Rice students and staff.


After spending time at both Rice and a peer institution (Duke University), the food at Rice tastes substantially better and is healthier. At very few other peer institutions (maybe Washington University in St. Louis or Cornell University) will you find cafeterias that bake gourmet cinnamon buns every Wednesday or that have so many executive chefs on staff. I met one of the dining directors when I was a student at Rice, and he told me that Dining runs a deficit every year because it wants Rice students to have high-quality food. When I was at Rice, I used to complain about the food, too, but I miss it a lot now.


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