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Rice professor shows great integrity amid censorship scandal

By Staff Editorial     11/1/11 7:00pm

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Professor John Anderson has become a local media focus since his censorship spat with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (see story pg. 1). The commission removed many facts that pointed toward human-caused global warming. However, Anderson refused to have his data presented in this manner. By revoking his publication from the state agency, Anderson exemplified the highest standard of integrity in his decision to withdraw his publication. In the cut throat world of academia, a professor's stature is determined in large part on his or her publications. Anderson, in his decision to choose no publication over a censored publication, represents exactly the kind of integrity Rice stands for. The decision was one which placed principles over prestige and the truth over fanfare, and this choice should be respected.

Unfortunately, it is tempting for many professors to become obsessed with tenure and personal accomplishments. However, the worth of a professor is in his or her passion and his commitment to knowlege and learning. Anderson truly exemplified this fact and the Thresher commends his decision.

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