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Sunday, March 26, 2023 — Houston, TX

New schedule planner assists students with rigors of registration

By Staff Editorial     11/1/11 7:00pm

A new schedule planning aid has been created in an effort to make the registration process a bit easier for students (see story pg. 1). The tool creates a calendar of potential courses in a Google Calendar format. The most significant addition is the feature which allows courses to be sorted by both professors and time slots. It also allows students to select multiple classes of interest, even those in the same time slot, and then narrow them down. Students will definitely benefit from being able to see a schedule overview laid out on a calendar.

This new tool is quite successful at helping students organize their potential courses, and it has even more potential going into the future. The scheule planner came out of the Student Asociation, and now it needs to be fully integrated with the Registrar's Office. The course listings should have full compatability with all features available online such as full course and professor evaluations with student comments. Going into the future, the Registrar's Office should allow for syllabus linking to course listings. A system which allows registration by filling out the online schedule could also be implemented in the future.

The Thresher applauds those responsible for bringing this vision to reality, and we certainly hope that the Registrar's Office will help to improve the system going into the future.

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