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Tuesday, March 28, 2023 — Houston, TX

WikiRice has potential

By Staff Editorial     10/5/11 7:00pm

The WIkiRice page has been live for several months now and is slowly expanding (see story, pg. 5). The concept is a brilliant one; essentially, anyone can update the Rice-related pages. As the website expands, there will be pages to represent Rice's most famous (and infamous) moments. Ultimately, WikiRice may serve as the archive for campus happenings. Unfortunately, this ultimate vision is hampered by the constant possibility of illegitimite posts. Without proper monitoring, the site could quickly degenerate into a medley of inside jokes and college rivalry.

WikiRice should also seek to include alumni involvement in page creation. Over the years, there has been an immense amount of folklore accrued in Rice culture. For WikiRice to truly fulfill its potential, its important to get Rice's past as well as present documented. The Thresher would like to commend the WikiRice creators for their initiative. We certainly hope that proper monitoring and page creation is enacted so that Rice can enjoy its new online archive for many years to come.

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