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Looking at Rice Farmer's Market


Ratatouille recipe

By Brooke Bullock     10/5/11 7:00pm

Rice students have a multitude of serveries, a convenience store, the Coffeehouse and Sammy's to choose from for food, but there is one place most students overlook.

Every Tuesday, the Rice Farmer's Market opens to the Houston and Rice community in the Greenbriar parking lot. Local vendors bring in all sorts of produce including eggplants, goat's cheese, chicken and Parisian macaroons. There is a knife sharpening company there as well to make sure shoppers are prepped and ready to cook after visiting the market.

Chef Cari Clark from Baker College's servery and Facilities and Planning Communications Manager Susann Glenn showed me the ropes around the Farmer's Market before Chef Cari made us a meal with produce from the market.

The Rice Farmer's Market may not be the largest, but it offers a variety of local Texas products — and every one has samples. Not only is the food great, but its a fresher, local way to shop compared to grocery stores because produce is coming straight from the farm to the market. Atkinson Farms brings in fresh picked produce to the market.

Chef Cari uses produce from one of the vendors, Atkinson Farms, in her kitchen at Baker.

"[I've] taken trips to Atkinson Farm before, and they are great about showing people around," Chef Cari said. "Their produce is picked the day it comes to the market. I've gotten vegetables that are still hot off the truck."

Texas Olive Ranch vendors show pictures of the last year's harvest so you know where their olive oil is coming from and Cellar Farms cracks open a pepper so you can smell the flavor.

Chef Cari took us around to buy ingredients for a ratatouille dish. We bought Mediterranean spiced goat's cheese from Blue Heron — Chef Cari's personal favorite cheese place at the market — vegetables from Atkinson Farms, sourdough bread from Angela Bakery, arugula from Animal Farm and chicken breasts from Oaks of Mamre Farms.

After bringing it all back to the Housing and Dining house — the old Hanszen College masters' house — Chef Cari whipped up the ratatouille with chicken breast in under 30 minutes. I took the recipe home and decided it would be a good one to try out on my roommates. I've always thought that cooking healthy meant long preparations and bland food, but Chef Cari's ratatouille recipe is simple, easy and quick.

The Farmer's Market offers great, fresh produce at reasonable prices. Whether making ratatouille or anything else, the Rice Farmer's Market makes it easy to buy local produce and help support the Houston and Texas community. H&D Project and Contract Manager C.J. Claverie added that the Farmer's Market offers a sense of community that shoppers do not get from their local grocery store.

"People love to come to the farmers market because they get the chance to meet the people who grow their food," Claverie said. "What with all the food scares and just the impersonal nature of the average retail experience, it is refreshing for consumers to really know the person who grows their food. You don't get that when you go to a grocery store."

For Chef Cari's ratatouille recipe, check out the Features section online at www.ricethresher.org.

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The Student Association General Elections rerun resulted in a win for Ravi Sheth, a write-in candidate. Sheth, a Martel College junior, ran in the SA General Elections after the first election was appealed and ruled “partially invalid” by the University Court.The Student Association Elections Committee reran the General Elections and merged it with the previously scheduled SA Internal Vice President Elections. The rerun elections closed Feb. 28 at 11:59 p.m.Sheth said he was excited and humbled by the amount of support he got as a write-in candidate. He also said he was impressed with the level of voter turnout from the entire student body.“I think there was 1636 votes; that’s more than was seen in 2009, and [I think the turnout in 2009 was more than Rice] had seen in a decade, so this might be one of the highest voter turnout elections in Rice history,” Sheth said. “I’m really excited to see that level of student involvement and turnout, and I think it puts the [Student Association] in a really great position because we now have the attention and the engagement of the student body and I think that will really allow us to do great things over the next year.”Sheth will assume the role of SA president at Changeover on Monday, March 10. He said he already has ideas about what he wants to do during his term.“I have a list [of things I’d like to get accomplished in the next year], but I think a lot of them need to have buy-in from different parties before we officially announce them,” Sheth said. “I will be opening up creative proposals for something to do with the SA iPad because that should never have been bought with student money, so we’ll find something productive and good to do with it.”SA presidential candidate Trent Navran, who won the original election, said he was frustrated by the decision to rerun the election. He said he was initially disappointed by the outcome of the most recent election, but ultimately feels confident that Sheth will be a good SA president.“I was really impressed to see the energy that Ravi helped excite on campus, and the fact that so many people were talking about elections and that there was so much buzz was exciting,” Navran said. “As a friend and as someone who I’ve worked with, I think Ravi will make a fantastic president. I’m very proud of him and I look forward to working with him in a lot of capacities.”Although he did not win this election, Navran said he learned a lot about himself during the elections process, and he will use that insight to continue serving the Rice student body in other ways.“President or not, I’m really excited because I know I can still make a big impact on campus,” Navran said. “I’m going to be focusing a lot on social innovation and social entrepreneurship, which is something that happens a lot at Rice, but I want to work to build more of an identity and more programming and resources around that. It’s something I’ve cared about and expressed recently in my campaign, but I think I have valued and will now be able to focus on as a senior.”Baker College junior Abby Gordon won the race for SA Internal Vice President. The remainder of the items on the ballot were also rerun. A full list of the results, according to an email sent to the Rice community by current SA President Yoonjin Min, can be see below. ReferendumsThe referendum on the Ratification of the SA Constitution passed.The referendum on the Honor Council’s Proposed Constitutional Amendment passed.The referendum on the Rice Environmental Society’s Proposed New Blanket Tax failed, because it failed to get a majority in favor that was greater than two thirds of votes cast on the item.The referendum on Rice Catalyst’s Proposed New Blanket Tax without the Sunset Clause failed, because it failed to get a majority in favor that was greater than two thirds of votes cast on the item.The referendum on Rice Catalyst’s Proposed New Blanket Tax with the Sunset Clause failed, because it failed to get a majority in favor that was greater than two thirds of votes cast on the item.Elections for positionsRavi Sheth won the election for Student Association President.Abby Gordon won the election for Student Association Internal Vice President.Amritha Kanakamedala won the election for Student Association External Vice President.Olivia Hsia won the election for Student Association Secretary.Joan Liu won the election for Student Association Treasurer.Cathy Hu and Pooja Yesantharao won the election for RSVP Chair.Joann Pan won the election for RSVP Internal Vice Chair.Brian Baran won the election for University Court Chair.Aisha Jeeva won the election for Rice Program Council President.Sal Tijerina won the election for KTRU Station Manager.Miles Kruppa won the election for Thresher Editor-in-Chief.Rachel Gray won the election for RTV5 Station Manager.Lauren Thompson won the election for RTV5 Program Director.Julia Liu and Isabelle Lelogeais won the election for Honor Council Senior Class Representative.Michael Williams Hart, Josiah Grace and Seth Lauer won the election for Honor Council Junior Class Representative.Claire Bonnyman and Luke Van Der Spoel won the election for Honor Council Sophomore Class Representative.

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