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Baker Blues surpasses expectations

By Party Patrol     10/26/11 7:00pm

Baker Blues definitely exceeded the expectations set by poor precedents from past parties. Baker Blues, which traditionally falls on Families' Weekend, is often deemed as lackluster and not worth attending. The cocktail tables full of parents and the subdued nature of the party place it in stark contrast with the other more traditional parties.

However, despite these perennial obstacles, Baker was able to pull off a considerably more successful party than in past years. The blues band created a great dynamic that encouraged classy dancing. It was a refreshing turnaround from the usual bump-and-grind dancing that is a mainstay at most Rice parties.

The lighting and decor was classy, and the party's ambiance was significantly upgraded by the move to the inner-Baker quad. It provided a more intimate setting that better accommodated the relatively small crowd than does the larger Lovett-side quad.

Overall, the party was not a standout party of the semester, but it successfully fulfilled its purpose. It provided a fun change of pace for Rice partygoers, allowed parents to witness the Rice party social scene (albeit a bit tamer version) and gave Rice students the chance to show a bit of class—even if just for a night.

Party Patrol

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