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Friday, January 27, 2023 — Houston, TX

Common reading interest dwindling

By Staff Editorial     8/31/11 7:00pm

Rice hosted the author of its common reading book, "The Honor Code," this past Tuesday (see story, pg. 1). Unfortunately, many new students bypassed the opportunity to hear Kwame Anthony Appiah speak. Only a hundred students attended the talk; the poor attendance reflects the continued struggle of the common reading program at Rice to really captivate the enthusiasm of new students. 

A primary problem still lies in literature selection. The committee has an onerous task of selecting an intellectual book that can appeal to students of numerous backgrounds. However, considering dwindling excitement about the program, Rice should consider making a change to incorporate more of the student body into the decision-making process about the common reading book selection. Students should be permitted to enter submissions to a panel; this panel should be an expanded version of its current four student / two faculty format. The panel should sift through submissions and select a final list of four to six candidates for books. The final decision for book selection should then be attained by a student vote. The collective vote of the student body would be able to anticipate what sort of literature would most interest incoming students. This new potential system would ensure that common reading books are both intellectually stimulating and interesting to the Rice students of the future. 

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Everyday, many graduate students are struggling with meals, because Rice offers very limited on-campus servery dining opportunities for them. Many students have expressed concern over this policy including Yajie Liu, a bioengineering Ph.D. student. Her day is filled with coursework, research and mentoring undergraduates in the lab. Though Yajie is on campus from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, she enjoys her busy life. This semester, she applied for the graduate meal plan but failed to get selected. She is very disappointed and has to spend extra time and effort preparing affordable meals herself. The on-campus graduate meal plan is very important to student life, Ph.D. students in particular. Rice should expand the on-campus meal plans to cater to the demand of increasing graduate students.  

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Bring Sunday brunch back to campus

At the very first Editorial Board meeting of this school year, the seniors on our board got on our high horses to inform the Rice community of the way things used to be done vis-a-vis selling tickets to public parties. We’ve held our tongues since then, as we can appreciate that circumstances change and growth is good. But the time has come for us to speak again, this time in support of resurrecting the greatest of all pre-COVID traditions: Sunday brunch.

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The RMC needs to reread their mission statement

We reported at the end of last week that popular late-night food spots YoYo’s Hot Dog and Oh My Gogi are being forced out of Rice Village by the end of the month. Justifiably, Rice students and the local community were outraged — a petition to the Rice Management Company titled “Save Yoyos and Oh My Gogi” has over 4,500 signatures as of publication.


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