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New RMC dining offers diverse dining options

By Staff Editorial     8/20/11 7:00pm

This summer marked a number of changes in the RMC, many of which were long overdue (see story, page 9). Thanks in part to the efforts of Kevin Kirby, Boyd Beckwith and RMC renovation funds (not to mention years of student polling), Coffeehouse now sits in a larger location that will enable the student-run business to flourish, without having to sacrifice the study spaces in the Kelley Lounge. While not a part of the RMC, the dedication of a space in Hanszen College for Hoot South is another prime example of the administration working with student entrepreneurship for positive outcomes. The installation of Droubi's in Sammy's will invite a different flavor to campus along with a lot of potential that we hope the Mediterranean cuisine will bring.

However, RechargeU and Little Willy's may not live up to their full potential. Although the variety of snacks offered by the Barnes & Noble offshoot is laudable, the store lacks some of the essential elements suggested by students in last year's survey, notably the no. 1 reason students cited going to 13th Street: fresh sandwiches. Other top requests, such as fresh fruit, smoothies and baked goods, remain absent. Meanwhile, oddly specific snacks such as PEZ dispensers line the aisles, giving RechargeU a feel more akin to a gas station than a 13th Street replacement. The decision to include yet another coffee station not 10 meters from Coffeehouse makes us question how much student input was actually valued by the new store. While we certainly won't go hungry with the new convience store, we also hope that RechargeU will sincerely consider future student input in their weekly evaluations.

Finally, it was refreshing to hear a hot food station would be occupying Coffeehouse's former location, and the idea of expanding Willy's, another student-run business, is also commendable. However, making hours during lunch hours, when all on-campus students already have to buy into the mealplan, makes little sense to us. Why not offer an additional late-night food option to the Hoots instead? Or at least stay open in the evening for an after dinner snack.

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