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Letters to the Editor

5/16/11 7:00pm

To the Editor:

It has recently come to the attention of the Intramural Sports Program that an error was made while tabulating the points for the 2010- 2011 President's Cup. According to our initial calculation, Hanszen College appeared to earn the most points and was awarded the cup at the 2011 Annual Recreation Sports Awards Picnic. However, upon further scrutiny, it was realized that the Graduate Student Association had actually accrued the most points during the course of the last intramural season. We deeply regret that the President's Cup was mistakenly awarded to Hanszen College. We know that it is extremely disappointing to the Hanszen community and understand that a mistake of this magnitude should have never happened. We would like to emphasize that Hanszen students participated with great integrity this year and exemplified everything that the President's Cup is about.

In addition to our apology to Hanszen College, we would like to publicly congratulate the GSA. Their excellent participation in Intramural Sports has made them deserving champions. We appreciate their continued dedication to our program, and feel that they do much to enhance the competition and spirit of Intramural Sports on Rice's campus.

The IMS Program recognizes the significance that a mistake such as this effects the experience of all participants, and we vow to prevent it from occurring again. We would like to thank all of the students who attended and competed in Intramural Sports during the 2010-2011 school year. We look forward to seeing you in the fall.

IMS Management

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