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Rice students' fundraising efforts for Japan exemplary

By Staff Editorial     3/31/11 7:00pm

The outpouring of support at Rice for Japan has been simply extraordinary. Conscious groups of students have gathered and implemented massive efforts to raise funds for the recovery process.

What is truly unique about the Rice student body's mobilization to gather donations has been the speed with which it enacted action the different levels on which fund raising drives have occurred. A campus-wide boba tea sale targeted not only the RMC, but it also sought to make sales at each college. The sale recruited representatives from each college to ensure that the sale could occur in the 11 college commons in addition to central campus areas. Furthermore, many fundraisers have occurred on the college-level, allowing students to donate to events set up by their friends and peers. The events put on by the colleges have been particularly innovative and enthusiastic, a distinctive contrast to the apathy often portrayed by us as a student body.

The breadth of fundraisers exhibit great planning, genuine desire to aid the nation of Japan, and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit. We should be proud our efforts as a student body and a university.


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