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O-Week 2008 Highlights

By Lily Chun     8/21/08 7:00pm

Between hairy, shirtless men, glowstick raving in the Sallyport and the university president decked out in bling, this year's Orientation Week has been chock full of 'interesting' moments. O-Week is that special time of year when the campus can quench its creatiev thirst without worry of academia, all while showing our newly matriculated students the ropes and horrors of Rice life. Here are some of the highlights that our Thresher staff caught on film.

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OPINION 2/25/21 8:58pm
Scroll less, live more: My experience quitting social media

We’ve all heard that expression before: if it's not on social media, then it didn’t happen. It seems like nowadays we can’t do much for the fun or the joy of it without feeling that urge to take a picture or video, upload it to the web, and tag our friends in it. In trying times like these, we need to realize that number of likes and retweets aren’t a healthy measure of social affirmation. We need to consider taking a serious break from social media (maybe pick up a hobby) and re-examine our relationships with these platforms. 


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