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Life's a Mitch: Keep your pens inked, or fingers above the keys

(08/27/15 12:07pm)

Welcome one and all! Since I took the yoke of Opinions Editor, we have run a few self-ads encouraging readers to write opinions articles. Please note the change in tone of the ad, from a request to a reminder: As the calls of slammed trunk doors die awayand towers of boxes and bins dwindleBetween brimmed buckets of announcementspoured over our bewildered ears and eyesI wish to share with you some hopes.If you want to shout your thoughts from a roofFondren’s will garner widest audience, butI hope you think the Thresher a good roof. If you have saved some public monologuessnuck in the corners of your mind, you willfind columnists welcome to the Thresher.  Should recent news spark your strong reactionthe act of writing allows thorough thoughtand I hope you think thoroughly through us.If your convictions fall on ears unhearingor everyone seems out of earshotplenty of eyes study newsprint, like yours. You need no invitation to write usbut, as any teacher might subtly threat, should no one raise a hand, I shall call youas empty opinion sections are lies.

Life's a Mitch: Examining Rice's neglected outdoor spaces

(10/01/14 10:22am)

Hi, my name is Mitch, and I’ll be your guide for the Rice University Tour of Publically Neglected Outdoor Spaces. Many outdoor spaces on campus exceed in beauty, like the grove outside Brochstein Pavilion, the courtyards abutting Anderson Hall and the Humanities Building and the engineering quad. As we shall see, some spaces are equal in beauty and opposite in utility.

Life's a Mitch: Useless to Useful

(03/18/14 4:54pm)

Unitaskers! One of the most repulsive ideas I have encountered. Those familiar with Alton Brown’s Good Eats know unitaskers all too well. Unitaskers are kitchen tools that perform only one function. Culinary abominations. Brown endeavored to exterminate the pests from his kitchen and succeeded (his coup de gras was using the fire extinguisher to make a fruit smoothie, albeit after his show’s conclusion). So I have one question: Why stop at the kitchen?

Life's a Mitch: We are all pedaling this bike together

(09/23/13 7:00pm)

Hello, readers! My name is Mitch Mackowiak, I am a freshman at Lovett College, and I am the new Thresher opinions editor. You might find me slinging discs at frisbee practice, (joyfully) slaving away in Anderson Hall, or relaxing in that courtyard with the extremely photogenic tree outside the Humanities Building.It is my job to ensure your voices are heard regarding any issue around campus - I am essentially a suggestion box for Rice