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Editorial: SA resolution on international students aligns with important university goals

(01/24/18 3:49am)

This past Monday, the Student Association discussed a resolution proposed by Martel College senior Danna Ghafir and SA President Justin Onwenu that would aim to fulfill Rice University’s goal of diversifying the international student population. The resolution focuses on socio-economically disadvantaged international populations in particular, and urges Rice to join the International Education’s Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis. The goal is to provide more aid to international prospective students and also conduct outreach to some areas that may not know about Rice.

McGuffie headed to Olympics

(01/17/18 3:51pm)

Former Rice football player Sam McGuffie (Class of 2013) was named to the 2018 U.S. Olympic men’s bobsled team on Monday. He will compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, both in the four-man race as a member of the push crew and in the two-man as the brakeman for driver Codie Bascue. With his selection to the national team, he will become the first former Rice athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics.

Tennis teams begin 2018 spring seasons

(01/17/18 3:50pm)

Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams opened up their 2018 season with competitions over the weekend. The men’s team was able to defeat Prairie View A&M University with a score of 6-1, but were unable to beat the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, losing 4-3. The women’s team competed at the Florida Gulf Coast University Invitational, finishing with a 9-8 record in singles and a 6-3 in doubles.

Rice freshman's cryptocurrency trading startup Everest Capital posts huge initial returns

(01/17/18 7:34pm)

How does the typical Rice freshman spend their time? Probably a healthy(ish) mix of skillful procrastination, stressing out at Fondy, and finding out how much free food it takes to no longer want free food. But if you’re Joel Abraham, you’ve added one major accomplishment to a unique freshman experience: You’ve co-founded a startup, and have investors already knocking at your door.

​REMS: Who you gonna call?

(01/17/18 3:32pm)

At first, the Rice University Emergency Medical Services faced skepticism over whether it would be a substantial asset to the campus, given that it sits right across the street from the largest network of hospitals in the world. A Jan. 26, 1996 article in the Thresher — almost four months after REMS had been established — said that “some questions have been raised about the overall benefits to the Rice community.” At the time, REMS still lacked university funding.

​‘The Post’ champions the free press

(01/17/18 3:22pm)

“Before Watergate, there was the Pentagon Papers.” This was the first sentence of the summary for a screenplay, titled “The Post,” on the 2016 Black List, an annual compilation of the movie industry’s best unproduced scripts. The story follows the Washington Post’s role in revealing a damning classified study about the Vietnam War to the public. Written by Liz Hannah and Josh Singer and directed by paragon Steven Spielberg, “The Post” milks its timeliness and tells how one woman’s bravery led to a major First Amendment victory for America’s journalists.

​‘Black Mirror’ season four continues to question technology’s role in society

(01/17/18 3:16pm)

“Black Mirror.” Whether you’ve watched the gripping series or not, you’ve definitely heard about it. With a new season released on Netflix on Dec. 29, “Black Mirror” is all people can talk about this new year — and for all the right reasons. The series, created back in 2011, takes place in the future, where technology is more advanced and usually comes with a price. The title itself reflects on humans’ obsession with electronics, as staring at a black screen of a device acts as a “black mirror.” This fixation reveals a dark reflection of mankind, whether it’s murder, exploitation or manipulation, all done by the hand of technology. Most importantly, “Black Mirror” brings important social commentary to the stage. Although the series is captivating for its disturbing content in a fictitious world, this world is not as far out as it may seem. “Black Mirror” could be the future of our world, where technology is already overpowering and getting more and more complex. And perhaps that is why the series is creating such an enormous buzz — within it hides the terrifying truth about our future.