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About Us

The Rice Thresher is the official campus newspaper of Rice University, published by undergraduate students. Since its first publication 102 years ago, in January 1916, the Thresher has continued to provide the student body with up-to-date campus news and information. The Thresher is published each Wednesday during the school year with the exception of examination periods and holidays.

The Rice Thresher aims to promote the free flow of information on campus by acting as a designated public student forum and publishing articles relevant to the student body and greater Rice community. To this end, the Thresher publishes a weekly print edition as well as online content.

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Andrew Grottkau: Editor-in-Chief
Andrew joined the Thresher as a sports writer his freshman year and spent three years as sports editor. For him, the best part of being sports editor was that "I have to go to a basketball game" was a valid excuse to skip a meeting. When he is not working on Thresher, he enjoys hiking and spending time at the beach.

Emily Abdow: Editor-in-Chief
Whether it's writing for the Thresher or working on her own creative projects, Emily loves telling stories. She dreams of becoming a published author and spends a lot of time having conversations in her head with characters that don't exist. She is also passionate about Zumba, boybands and The Bachelor(ette).

Anna Ta: News Editor
Anna originally dreamed of being a sunflower when she grew up, but has since settled on just reading and writing a lot until she finds someone who will pay her to do it (thanks Thresher!). That paycheck serves as her Coffeehouse fund. She likes Times New Roman, earl grey tea with milk and honey, and petitioning AP Style to allow the oxford comma.

Rishab Ramapriyan: Assistant News Editor
Writing and editing news articles for the Thresher brings out Rishab's creative side and serves as a well-needed break from everything pre-med. When not working in the Thresher office, you can probably find him either wearing a lab coat doing research or clumsily walking backwards around campus giving tours.

Amy Qin: Assistant News Editor
Amy leads a simple life of reading, napping, tending to her plant children, and brewing tea she hoards from the servery. Occasionally she'll venture out of her room for the odd interview.

Elizabeth Rasich: Features Editor
When she's not editing Features articles, Elizabeth can probably be found thinking about Winston Churchill, trying to read her messy handwriting, or looking at house tours on Apartment Therapy. She's a big fan of podcasts, very detailed schedules, and her throw blankets.

Ella Feldman: Assistant Features Editor
According to BuzzFeed, if Ella were a type of pasta she'd be "tragic pasta spilled across rainy stone steps." You can find usually find her eating Mediterranean Hummus™ from Trader Joes, listening to NPR, and yelling "DC needs representation in Congress" at nobody in particular.

Eric Stone: Opinion Editor
New to the Thresher for 2018, Eric is a news junkie studying political science. He has spent the last several years working variously as a ski lift operator, sailing instructor, Uber driver, and whitewater raft photographer. When he's not furiously writing and editing opinions, he enjoys playing in the Rice band Five Foot Five, hiking and camping in the mountains of Colorado, and barbecuing whenever he has an excuse to do so.

Christina Tan: A&E Editor
Christina really likes art and design. Her most frequented websites are Pinterest, the Dogspotting group on Facebook, and Twitter. Some cool things she's done in the past year include: taking pictures of her favorite DJs on stage, teaching a class on memes, building a movie room, and successfully creating a bagel sandwich in West Servery (she's most proud of the last one). She strongly dislikes any overuse of Helvetica and occasionally dabbles in actual school work.

Simona Matovic: Backpage Editor
Once Simona pieced together that laughter is the best medicine and that we live in a sick, sad world, she realized that she was lightyears ahead of all of her friends that are "pre-med" and "want to save lives." When she's not being laughed at or with, you can find her listening to music, doodling or trying to put people onto kombucha.

Charlene Pan: Photo Editor
Charlene loves photography, mixology, and traveling. However, she spends most of her time trying to figure out how to 3D print tissues and organs so that she can live longer (healthily) to go to more places, drink more, and have more fun.

Tracey Dibbs : Copy Editor
Tracey spends most of her time studying, reading, watching Food Network (particularly Beat Bobby Flay) and copy editing for the Thresher. She also loves calling her family, Disney movies and eating cereal at any time of the day.

Phillip Jaffe: Copy Editor
For Phillip's 19th birthday, his parents mailed him a copy of The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage. Not infrequently, he'll get particularly absorbed in it and read aloud his favorite entries to whoever happens to be nearby. He's fairly confident that it is at least sometimes appreciated.

Myra Ramdenbourg : Digital Content editor
If she's not playing ultimate frisbee, Myra is likely napping. Ask her about her aspirations, and she'll answer with a variation of her future escape room origami crêpe business (By the way, she's always on the lookout for an escape room buddy). Aside from her hobbies, Myra dreams of wearing the most outrageous socks out of anyone in her periphery and critiquing a crepe from every continent (2 more to go!).

Charlie Paul: Web Editor
Charlie is a programming nerd first and foremost. (He loves tail recursion and his favorite sorting algorithm is bogosort!) Despite this, he occasionally finds himself with non-programming hobbies, such as writing for the Thresher (which eventually led him to the post of Web Editor) and acting (with experience in both experimental improv and Shakespearean shows).

Sydney Garrett: Art Director
Like Kirkegaard, one day Sydney realized life's absurdity and has since been laughing. When she's not doing school work, she's reading the New Yorker. When she's not reading it, she's appreciating the cartoons. Always, she's criticizing society, having TV as a hobby, the concept of "finstas," and Anna. Hit her up on any of her preferred platforms: pinterest, kik, or tinder. Accepts cash and venmo. Just in general.

Marlena Fleck: News Designer
Marlena is essentially your artsy neighborhood grandma. When she's not doing architecture work, she can be found looking at videos of cats on Instagram, watching movies for film class, and perfecting her own homemade cold brew coffee. Other interests include IKEA furniture assembly, Spotify playlists, and fun socks.

Katrina Cherk: Features Designer
Katrina's passion for design is second only to her love of dark chocolate (milk and white chocolate are a crime against humanity). After working for a year as a pathetically sports-illiterate Sports Designer, Katrina now designs the Features section and spends the rest of her time blogging about her travels, attempting to bake, and honing her tile-flippin' skills to become the next Bananagrams champion.

Tina Liu: Sports Designer
When she's not designing for the Thresher, Tina can be found eating a large variety of carbs and online shopping with a textbook open next to her to delude herself into thinking she's being productive. She's also really into romance movies with a 12% Rotten Tomatoes rating, subtle baiting for compliments, excitedly showing pictures of her dog, Cooper, making regrettable decisions, and overusing the same fonts.

Shannon Klein: Business Director
In addition to her Thresher duties, Shannon occupies her time with reading many, many books, competing on the Rice Equestrian team, and pursuing her law school aspirations. She also enjoys disappointing all those around her with incessant, groan-worthy puns.

Sara Lopez: Marketing Manager
"To Do" lists, cross-stitching, and schnauzers are some of Sara's favorite things. You might spot her around campus sporting the Thresher's merch or trying to find cool things to post on the Thresher Instagram. When she's not scheduling Thresher Facebook posts or planning events, Sara is most likely FaceTiming her dogs.