About Us

The Rice Thresher is the official campus newspaper of Rice University, published by undergraduate students. Since its first publication 102 years ago, in January 1916, the Thresher has continued to provide the student body with up-to-date campus news and information. The Thresher is published each Wednesday during the school year with the exception of examination periods and holidays.

The Rice Thresher aims to promote the free flow of information on campus by acting as a designated public student forum and publishing articles relevant to the student body and greater Rice community. To this end, the Thresher publishes a weekly print edition as well as online content.

Drew Keller: Editor-in-Chief 
Drew joined the Thresher as a freshman following an illustrious high school journalism career featuring such in-depth reporting as “Freshman class recovers from rough start on Theme Day.” Thresher provides a welcome counterpart to his engineering major, though he’s still looking for a way to combine the two areas of interest after Rice. Other than Thresher, Drew spends much of his time on Wikipedia deep dives and waiting for free drinks at Coffeehouse.

Juan Saldaña: Editor-in-Chief 
At some point over the past three years, Juan acquired a particularly nerdy interest in journalism. His dream is to work in nonprofit management or policy. Despite that, he actually spends most of his time slouching on the Thresher couch with his feet up, drawing out far too elaborate plays for Will Rice Powderpuff, and sitting through a variety of pointless committee meetings.

Jasmine Lin: Managing Editor 
Jasmine knows way too much about AP style and it haunts her every day. One day, she’ll figure this human interaction thing out, considering it’s probably something you need to do to study social sciences. Ethnography is her first love, but she also likes bees, space, dogs, pasta, aliens, and winning at video games against A&E editor Lenna Mendoza.

Emily Abdow: News Editor 
Whether it’s writing for the Thresher or working on her own creative projects, Emily loves telling stories. She dreams of becoming a published author and spends a lot of time having conversations in her head with characters that don’t exist. She is also passionate about Zumba, boybands and The Bachelor(ette).

Anna Ta: News Editor 
Anna originally dreamed of being a sunflower when she grew up, but has since settled on just reading and writing a lot until she finds someone who will pay her to do it (thanks Thresher!). That paycheck serves as her Coffeehouse fund. She likes Times New Roman, earl grey tea with milk and honey, and petitioning AP Style to allow the oxford comma.

Cameron Wallace: Assistant News Editor
Cameron can reliably be found reading The Atlantic when he’s not reading literature, and if he’s not doing either of those things, then he’s probably asleep.

Elizabeth Rasich: Spotlight Editor 
When she’s not editing Spotlight articles, Elizabeth can probably be found thinking about Winston Churchill, trying to read her messy handwriting, or competing with the Rice Equestrian Team. She’s a big fan of podcasts, very detailed schedules, and her fish Louise.

Julianne Wey: Opinions Editor 
Julianne believes the best things in life are food, books, and dogs. She believes that if she could spend the rest of her life eating (in particular bread and cheese) and reading — with a dog curled up next to her — she would be the happiest person in the world. In the meantime, she’ll settle for being one of the greatest (self-proclaimed) Harry Potter trivia masters of all time.

Lenna Mendoza: Arts & Entertainment Editor 
Lenna’s time editing and writing articles about Arts and Entertainment is a welcome break from making it. While her theater involvement was an accident, it takes up more time than her primary passion, poetry. Lenna may also be found shouting, reading up on foraging, or losing at video games to managing editor Jasmine Lin.

Andrew Grottkau: Sports Editor 
If Andrew isn’t writing or editing articles about sports, he’s probably watching them. His first love is baseball, having grown up in Boston and watched the Red Sox break the Curse of the Bambino in 2004. Before you ask, no, he can’t do a great Boston accent and yes, it still feels cold when it’s 40 degrees. Outside of sports, he enjoys hiking and spending time at the beach.

Michael Byrnes: Asst. Sports Editor 
Michael is a swell dude.

Joey McGlone: Backpage Editor 
Joey’s an all-around A+ fellow, and you can trust me when I say that, for his voice is mine and I am he. Joey’s interests include, among others, having a good time, but Joey’s absolute favorite thing to do is to enjoy pleasurable activities. Joey’s favorite meal is a three way tie between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Joey is a fun, cool guy, please believe me!

Isaac Schultz: Backpage 
Like Kirkegaard, one day Isaac realized life’s absurdity and has since been laughing. When he’s not doing school work, he’s reading the New Yorker. When he’s not reading the New Yorker, he’s appreciating its cartoons. Always, he’s criticizing society, having TV as a hobby, the concept of “finstas,” and Joey. Hit him up on any of his preferred platforms: pinterest, kik, or tinder. Accepts cash and venmo. Just in general.

Sarah Smati: Copy Editor 
One year ago, Sarah discovered the art of dabbing and has since incorporated it into her lifestyle. At the Thresher office, she can be found sitting in her familiar spot on the floor. She dreams of becoming a lawyer as well as joining the cast of a Bollywood movie. Her favorite pastimes include eating cereal for dinner, raving about The Lord of the Rings, wishing she had a British accent, and complaining about the Houston humidity.

Catherine Soltero: Copy Editor 
When Catherine isn’t acting as a human Spelling and Grammar™ for the Thresher, she is either pretending to do homework on Fondren sixth, finding new music to drown out the sound of impending responsibilities, contemplating which Harry Potter character is her favorite, or thinking about all the varieties of pastries she wants to eat back home in Portugal. Catch her at her second job as a boba chef for East-West Tea, which she is using to help provide for her future family of dogs.

Christina Tan: Art Director 
Christina really likes art and design. Her most frequented websites are Pinterest, the Dogspotting group on Facebook, and Twitter. Some cool things she’s done in the past year include: taking pictures of her favorite DJs on stage, teaching a class on memes, building a movie room, and successfully creating a chicken pesto sandwich in West Servery (she’s most proud of the last one). She strongly dislikes any overuse of Helvetica and occasionally dabbles in actual school work.

Sirui Zhou: Photo Editor 
Sirui spends all his time in studio. He is “workaholic” and does not need to sleep, well, archi life. He loves photography and travels to many countries. Chinese food is always his first choice when he chooses to eat in a restaurant.

Charlene Pan: Photo Editor 
Charlene loves photography, mixology, and traveling. However, she spends most of her time trying to figure out how to 3D print tissues and organs so that she can live longer (healthily) to go to more places, drink more, and have more fun.

Sydney Garrett: News/Ops Designer 
Like Kirkegaard, one day Sydney realized life’s absurdity and has since been laughing. When she’s not doing school work, she’s reading the New Yorker. When she’s not reading it, she’s appreciating the cartoons. Always, she’s criticizing society, having TV as a hobby, the concept of “finstas,” and Anna. Hit her up on any of her preferred platforms: pinterest, kik, or tinder. Accepts cash and venmo. Just in general.

Tina Liu: Spotlight Designer 
When she’s not designing for the Thresher, Tina can be found eating a large variety of carbs and online shopping with a textbook open next to her to delude herself into thinking she’s being productive. She’s also really into romance movies with a 12% Rotten Tomatoes rating, subtle baiting for compliments, excitedly showing pictures of her dog, Cooper, making regrettable decisions, and overusing the same fonts.

Marlena Fleck: Sports Designer 
Marlena is essentially your artsy neighborhood grandma. When she’s not doing architecture work, she can be found looking at videos of cats on Instagram, watching movies for film class, and perfecting her own homemade cold brew coffee. Other interests include IKEA furniture assembly, Spotify playlists, and fun socks.

Ellie Mix: A&E Designer 
Ellie craves creativity. When she’s not designing the Thresher’s A&E page, she can be found exploring an art museum, practicing calligraphy, or reading dystopian novels. Other interests include striped shirts, sprinkles, and HGTV.

Esther Tang: Illustrator 
Esther is frequently found prowling through bird memes and animals in predicaments when she should actually be doing her studio work. However, everyone knows that architectural studio work was never meant to be finished, so you should just let her enjoy her birds and predicaments in peace. She also enjoys dancing, painting, drinking tea, and eating everything.

Areli Navarro Magallón: Illustrator 
Areli’s original bio was censored. This gives you an idea of her vocabulary. Interests include but are not limited to: Guy Fieri, mirrors, latte art, and dry shampoo. The brevity of this bio is in protest of censorship and not at all a manifestation of her laziness,

Charlie Paul: Web Editor 
Charlie is a programming nerd first and foremost. (He loves tail recursion and his favorite sorting algorithm is bogosort!) Despite this, he occasionally finds himself with non-programming hobbies, such as writing for the Thresher (which eventually led him to the post of Web Editor) and acting (with experience in both experimental improv and Shakespearean shows).

Alice Liu: Digital Content Editor 
Alice is in continual search for that One Aesthetic (mainly just a lot of mustard yellow), but the cold hard truth is that her room, everyday lifestyle, and google chrome tabs are all a mess. In between her frequent existential crises, she finds bliss in small moments such as eating cheese at 4 am and taking walks in cold weather.

Shannon Klein: Business Manager 
In addition to her Thresher duties, Shannon occupies her time with reading many, many books, competing on the Rice Equestrian team, and pursuing her law school aspirations. She also enjoys disappointing all those around her with incessant, groan-worthy puns.

Sara Lopez: Marketing Manager/Office Manager 
“To Do” lists, cross-stitching, and schnauzers are some of Sara’s favorite things. You might spot her on a Monday afternoon, casually rocking her mom-gear as she hauls bags full of snacks through the RMC, ready to keep the Thresher staff fed on production night. Sara is most proud of not having yet succumbed to the mainstream way of eating cheese sticks and tries to live her life one bite at time. When she’s not scheduling Thresher Facebook posts, Sara is most likely Facetiming her dogs.

Sanvitti Sahdev: Business Designer 
Straight out of Delhi, Sanvitti came to Houston to pursue the American dream of becoming Business Designer for the Thresher. Explaining how cricket works, making to-do lists and searching for the perfect denim clothing are a few of the things she enjoys.