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In a phrase: Tinder for your workout

Where to get it: wellsquad.com

Finding a workout buddy is damn hard. Friends and significant others often don’t work: The kindness of a good companion may just enable your quitting or procrastinating tendencies. Or, alternatively, your S.O. could be a marathon-running, weight-lifting, fitness maniac like mine, who inadvertently makes you feel like a flabby sloth during workout dates. Just like there are a million points on our checklist for a romantic partner, the best workout buddy needs to complete us in a very specific way. Fortunately, in our extraordinary, technology-laden world, we don’t have to pick through strangers at our local gyms; no, we have algorithms. Enter WellSquad, a new website and app that matches you with workout mates based on fitness goals, favorite activities, motivation levels and geographical locations. Your excuses for putting off developing that NOD bod are growing fewer and fewer. 


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