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As classes resume, stay engaged

9/6/17 5:11pm

Rice’s campus was lucky to be largely unharmed due to Hurricane Harvey. Thanks to the administration’s careful planning, students were safe and well-fed despite the storm. The crisis management team’s updates provided a constant flow of information and Housing and Dining supplied on-campus students with plenty of food. Facilities and Engineering made sure buildings were safe before reopening them and fixed any problems they found.

As we know, however, the rest of the city was not so lucky. Thousands of people are displaced. The death toll at time of print is over 60 and rising. While members of the Rice community escaped serious injury, many lost their homes. Others have family or friends who were severely affected.

The stories of students volunteering cannot end with the beginning of classes. The Thresher encourages students to continue to volunteer through the Rice Harvey Action Team or other organizations. It will be easy in the coming weeks and months to get caught up in classes and day-to-day activities while victims of the storm are still rebuilding their lives, but we cannot forget our neighbors.

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