Sarah McLaughlin, known by her stage name of Bishop Briggs, first garnered serious attention for her layered “Wild Horses,” recorded in 2015. Riding that success, the 24-year-old released “River,” her most popular song to date. In April, McLaughlin released her self-titled EP, which is laced through with strong, sultry vocals on top of heavy beats.

At this year’s FPSF, fans braved the storm to watch her perform, but her Saturday set was cut short due to the heavy downpours and lightning warnings.

What drew you to Houston and Free Press?

I just wanna say, I already love it here. I'm really excited — we're performing today, and I hope to get really sweaty on stage. I think Texas is always an amazing place to meet cool people.

Any words of advice for young kids trying to make a name for themselves here?

Always have standards. It’s really easy to see the dream and want it, but you need to work with the right people and have people who treat you like a human. Ultimately I think you'll be proud of what you’re doing. Also, just play out as much as you can and be authentic to yourself.

A lot of people have fan crushes on you, so who do you have a fan crush on?

Maybe Josh Dun from 21 Pilots. Love, love love. Just the energy he has on stage - it's amazing.

This interview has been edited for clarity.