Dear Rice,

It has been a whirlwind few weeks for Rice Basketball and the Rhoades family but I wanted to reach out to so many great students and people on campus. I want to say THANK YOU. The last three years as your basketball coach had been a blast. Engaging with our amazing student athletes and supportive students was by far my favorite part of doing this job.

I loved coming to work everyday looking to move our program forward and we did so while having a lot of fun. The coaches and staff whom we worked with are now life long friends and no one will be bigger fans for them than me and my family. I appreciate everything Joe Karlgaard, Rick Mello and their team did to help us turn our program around. You have great leaders in Rice Athletics but even better people. I will especially miss the training room crew, Coach Knodel and all our friends who love Rice. Sharing the court with Tina Langley and her team was truly an honor. They are a special group of women. The mentoring and friendship of David Bailiff and his staff was special. It is amazing the impact great people have on your life. Thank you!

I love my guys! They know it and we are not ashamed to show it. I hope they continue to pursue their dreams as life long learners and follow their passions. It was absolutely my pleasure, honor and one of the high points of my life to coach and mentor them all. I thank you for allowing me into your lives and careers. I can't wait to watch the next chapters unfold. Jodie and I will always be there for you... you already know that.

Thank you to all the students that came along for the ride as we made RiceRising real talk. The Rice Rally Club and my guy Jeremy will always hold a special part of my time as coach for giving us a home court advantage. You brought school spirit to those great nights. With your continued support of these great guys, the new faces and Coach Pera, the rise has just begun and I can't wait to watch it go to greater heights.

Remember to enjoy the journey of being a Rice student more than trying to get to the end. The journey builds character, value, relationships and memories you will have with you forever. Rice is a great university but Rice students are special. Thank you for allowing me into your world as your basketball coach and wish all of you only the best.

Go Owls!

Thank you,

Coach Rhoades