I’m supposed to be having fun as a senior, but I’m a pretty boring person. What should be on my bucket list?

Merri: Sit down and make a list of things on campus or in Houston you’ve always wanted to see, visit or learn more about — this can be as simple as the zoo. Go restaurant hopping, go on a food crawl, treat yo’self and in the process, go on a fun adventure! Maybe check out the Instagram hot spots and let yourself be a little basic. Just carve out some time to enjoy them by yourself or with friends. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

1. Go skydiving.

2. Go on a senior trip.

3. Have a roast with your friends (up for interpretation).

4. Explore ALL of the Galleria.

5. Focus on your studies (if you want).

6. Take some COLL courses.

7. Drop it like it’s hot.

And finally, don’t worry too much about being boring as a senior. College is a time of exploration, but so is life after graduation!

Webster: Have you taken the purity test lately? If not, you have a bucket list right there. ;)

I overcommitted myself this semester (for my own well-being), but am interested in everything I’m doing. How do I decide which commitment to drop for next semester?

Merri: Diversity of activities is probably one of the most important things to consider when looking at your palette of commitments; if some of your commitments are doing the same things for you (for example, if you are an editor for multiple publications on campus), consider dropping one of them so you can focus on the other. Even if you’re saddled with diverse interests, I would think about what diverse kinds of work and activities you’re doing in each commitment. Rather than having four different research positions and internships, you’ll get a more wholesome experiance if you have a mix of activities that lets you learn a lot, be creative, be active, and have fun. The decision will ultimately be up to you, but let diversity and balance guide your considerations.

Webster: TOUGH IT OUT. Google Calendar it. Manage your time. Don’t take 20 hours of classes (seriously, no one needs that crap in their life, except maybe CHBEs, RIP). Schedule in your 20-minute power naps. Be efficient, caffeinate, stay passionate and be energetic. I think you got this, I have faith in you.

But I mean ... If it’s far enough in advance (the semester is coming to an end, hallelujah), perhaps you can work things out with a couple commitments. But, unless your health is seriously declining, please do not be that person who drops out last minute. You don’t want to cause stress for others, or disregard the team, or burn any bridges. Rice is a small school, y’know? It’s pretty hard to avoid people who aren’t total recluses.