The Feb. 18 edition of the Thresher ran a front-page article describing a walkout of an event I organized. I do not believe the article fully explained the original intent of the event, which is crucial for its context. The event was focused on Jewish students who would enjoy the opportunity to hear personal stories from reserve soldiers in the Israeli Defense Force. 

The event was advertised as such until I became aware, the day before, that the audience would include more than just Jewish students. With this new knowledge, I tried to change the event into more of a question-and-answer where the soldiers would speak for only a few minutes and the remaining time would be allotted for members of the audience to ask questions. I never believed, which may be a little naive, that the original intent of this event would ever spark a conflict among the Rice community. My favorite thing about this university is that all students are allowed to have different views, and that we can appreciate one another’s views and engage in civil conversation. Peace takes conversation from differing views, and I strongly believe Rice is a campus where this can happen. 

Jeremy Reiskind, Duncan College, Class of 2017