Have you ever had a good burrito? Not just your everyday burrito; not a seven layer from Taco Bell, not Chipotle. Like a really good burrito?

A good burrito makes you think differently about the world; in an especially good burrito, you can find your dreams. The ingredients mix together in an amalgamation of goodness. Queso and guacamole cement the foundations, while rice, tomatoes, beans, meat and peppers blend together, overwhelming the senses.

I’ve been talking a lot about burritos recently, and I wanted to take the time to explain why. The SA is burrito. We’re made up of up a bunch of great people (you!) and when it all comes together, its awesome. Like a burrito, the SA is great.

Since last spring, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot with your help. From Rally Club, to Homecoming, to Senior Committee, there’s a buzz of excitement across campus.  We’re imagining what the “Rice Education of the Future” is from the ground up. We’re making student ideas and priorities a reality with SA40K.

A few weeks ago, I was eating a burrito, deep in thought about campus-wide policies and politics, as I usually am. In a snap, it came to me: What better way to celebrate our achievements, the spirit of burritos, than with burritos themselves?

So, over the next few weeks, we’ll be giving away burritos and T-shirts at pop-up events around campus in celebration of the SA, burritos and you. We’ve done a lot, but at the same time we have so much to do. That’s the beauty of burritos.