The following were noted at the meeting of the Student Association on Jan. 13.

  • SA External Vice President Ravi Sheth announced that the Barbara and David Gibbs Recreation Center is looking for students to join its Advisory Board. If interested, email
  • SA Secretary Nathan Andrus introduced the new SA Director of Technology Xilin Liu. Andrus said the SA has selected a director of elections and will announce the name soon.
  • Andrus announced that SA Parliamentarian Brian Baran is recused from the Election Committee for the SA General Election because of a conflict of interest. 
  • Sid Richardson College Senator Alex Nunez-Thompson and Duncan College Senator Michael Donatti introduced a resolution supporting the mission of the newly created Rice Environmental Society. RES will work with existing environmental organizations on campus and is currently in the process of applying for blanket tax funding.
  • Andrus gave an overview of the timeline for the upcoming SA General Elections and the positions that will be elected. Petitions will be made available at 9 p.m. Monday, Jan. 20 and are due Monday, Jan. 27. Voting will take place from Feb. 10-14.


The Senate will not meet Monday, Jan. 20 due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. It will next meet Monday, Jan. 27 in Farnsworth Pavilion at 9 p.m.