Despite Rice Program Council's past mistakes in planning and organizing Rondelet, the Thresher applauds RPC's foresight in planning this year's Rondelet, (see story, p. 1). RPC has taken time to poll student opinion, and after finding that many students care about Rondelet, RPC has taken the initiative to revive the event and has made it a priority.

We like to see Rondelet back on its feet after not happening for the past two years. It is a fun semiformal that mixes students from different colleges and disciplines. Moving the location off campus lets students experience a different setting and venue, and tickets are usually at an affordable price.

The event's move down the calendar from January to March is a step in the right direction. By holding Rondelet later in the semester, RPC will have more time to sell tickets and build publicity. In addition, hosting Rondelet the weekend before Willy Week is a great way to jumpstart the festivities. We encourage students to recognize the effort RPC is putting into the revitalization of this event, and hope that attendance will be high and will work to support future RPC events. 

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